Inside the Currency Market: Brian Twomey

Okay. This blog is ?? 7 years old, never used. We’ll get this blog cleaned up, post currency and other type trades, post tons of market commentary, maybe figure webinars to help any interested to get going. We’re not going to play games here on this site since we are serious traders and commentators. I add serious analysis on a host of topics pertinent to the markets.

My experience is 11 years at currency trading with a book to boot called Inside the Currency Market: Mechanics, Valuation and Strategies. Its not a how- to – get – rich -quick book. Its a book for serious traders and students of the markets especially currency markets. A mathematical strategy book is titled Using the Z Score that is also available on amazon. Actual trades were performed over a 4 day period to teach how to use the Z Score to trade and help all understand the many moving parts in a Z Score. In this regard, the Z Score may be used to trade by itself, in combination with other parts. But its all encompassing and written to teach any interested traders how it all works. The Z Score if understood and employed in trades is an accurate trend following and short term target trading system.  It works magically.

Published articles will also post here. Last few articles were located in FX Trader Magazine. I wrote 16 pages about the 200 year history of Australia’s exchange rate and monetary policy history. Last month was about the new Fed Repurchase Agreement program and how as well as when the Fed will raise the Fed Funds rate.  Next week, on the FX Trader site will appear the present and future US yield curve in terms of spreads and relationship to the EUR/USD and USD/JPY.  Seems both pairs are riding the 5 year yield and will continue to do so in the future.

For readers, followers and interested traders, economists and commentators, welcome.  Brian Twomey



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