Inside the Currency Market Brian Twomey Voted 9 of 10 best Fxstreet Interviews 2014

Thank you Fxstreet, administrators, Traders, Dale and Mauiccio, Live Analysis Room, Live Analysis Room Traders and to honor me with such a wonderful honor and prestige and for vote of confidence in the many daily Trade calls and big picture Calls. Excuse ego aspect but I called the rising volatility, Dark Days coming for Europe and much more. Calls were made long before so we were again ahead of the curve. Follow, read and trade with everybody’s friend Brian Twomey and all will be ahead of any curve. Blessings from the forex Gods. A phrase borrowed from a dear friend and brother who has taught me much and given me his 41 years of knowledge in FX and FX Trading.
Please excuse the shoddy site. A new professional site and site name is under development and will be ready to go in a few days so we all may participate and trade the markets. Your Friend Brian

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