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Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Earlier post, I reported based on my Interest Rate strategy sell NZD/USD below 0.7730, 0.7728, 0.7726, 0.7712. Followed and you see NZD now at 0.7659. Rest my case.

AUD/USD. Same deal, Shorts below 0.8214, 0.8203, 0.8198, 0.8193. Reported AUD could be range bound for the day, proved true as low saw 0.8167. Yet again, pips were earned.

Short EUR/USD. Correct again. GBP/USD had two versions. First post 1.5144 area proved correct long, Second update post Long/shorts 1.5172, 1.5163, 1.5162.
Points reported are Long/ Short lines for the day, accurately calculated based on Interest Rate curves. Take the breaks long or short at reported levels and guess what, trades earn minimum 50 + pips per trade, per currency pair.

This post regards EUR/USD moving forward in upcoming Asia session. To head Long, following points must break, 1.1580, 1.1587, 1.1611, 1.1640, 1.1680. I took our old friend EUR out to 3 months along the curve.

From 3 months out, topside ranges: 1.3218, 1.2842, 1.2492, 1.2042, 1.1816. Bottom side ranges from 3 months out: 1.0142, 1.0438, 1.0731, 1.1133, 1.1345. Top and bottom side ranges change daily as well as Long Short Lines. Never, Never Trade between my reported points, its a set up for disaster. I’ve worked many, many years to understand the currency price intricacies and associated movements so please heed my warning regarding reported levels.

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Inside the Currency Market: NZD, AUD, GBP

NZD/USD Long short Lines for American markets are found at 0.7730, 0.7728, 0.7726, 0.7712, topside range fell about 50 pips since last post from 0.7785.

AUD/USD Long short Lines for American markets are found at 0.8214, 0.8203, 0.8193, 0.8198, Previous supports below are now gone.

GBP/USD Long short lines for American markets are found at 1.5172, 1.5163, 1.5162. Larger ranges are found at 1.4556 – 1.5750.

Brian Twomey

Inside the Currency Market: Daily Trades, AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR

Okay, I’m Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market Brian Twomey at New site is in process, excuse this shoddy site but must work with it for now for many, many friends, traders, readers.

Strategies that follow are day trades only and are interest rate trades given to us by the central banks. Many know these trades as my Long/ Short Lines. Take the breaks of the lines as I will and we take 50 pips per break, per pair. Updates at 8:35 upon the FIX. Never, Never trade inside my points mentioned. These points are carefully calculated and well understood for time immemorial in regards to the overall long / short strategy. Ranges accompany Points, Ranges change daily as do the Long Short Points. The central banks send us these messages in regards to daily ranges.

NZD/USD So far we are short for the day. Break lines today come in at 0.7785, 0.7785 ( twice so vital) and 0.7786. Lines today are close and not expected to break, sell rallies. Above lines break, then Long. Ranges: 0.7546, 0.7530 and 0.7514 Vs 0.8058, 0.8041 and 0.8024. The message today from the RBNZ is lower exchange rate.

AUD/USD Long /Short Lines 0.8199, 0.8191, 0.8181 and 0.8175. Ranges 0.8851, 0.8712, 0.8502 Vs 0.7860, 0.7670, 0.7548. Our breaks at the lower end at 0.8181 then 0.8175 are 6 pips. probably better to wait for 0.8175 to break before short because the message today from the RBA is range bound.

GBP/USD. Long / Short Lines today 1.5153, 1.5143, 1.5144. Ranges 1.4556, 1.4810, 1.4881 Vs 1.5750, 1.5479, 1.5405.

EUR/USD Sort term rates reveals EUR/USD has a severe problem as the first line comes in at 1.2210. Part of that problem is seen in EUR/CHF, USD/CHF and all other CHF pairs. This means stay away from CHF pairs because the market has yet to normalize and is still a far distance to normalization. Interest rates along the curve as I’ve presented here tells us much of the minds of the central banks and what they want for their exchange and interest rates. Further along the Interest rate curve, Long Short: 1.1722, 1.1680, 1.1647, 1.1619.
Ranges: 1.3018, 1.2652, 1.2210, 1.1983 Vs 1.0343, 1.0642, 1.1028, 1.1237.

USD/CAD. Not reported due because CAD prices have severe problems. USD/CAD is just as overbought as CAD/USD. This means stay away. Again seen by the BOC as our message.

Updates at 8:30 as changes may occur slightly in Long short points. I’m known to be exact and that’s the way I will remain so not to leave anything on the table.

A full Statistical trading method is found in my other book, Using the Z Score, found below. Uses it to trade any financial instrument in whole or in its many parts.

Brian Twomey