Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Earlier post, I reported based on my Interest Rate strategy sell NZD/USD below 0.7730, 0.7728, 0.7726, 0.7712. Followed and you see NZD now at 0.7659. Rest my case.

AUD/USD. Same deal, Shorts below 0.8214, 0.8203, 0.8198, 0.8193. Reported AUD could be range bound for the day, proved true as low saw 0.8167. Yet again, pips were earned.

Short EUR/USD. Correct again. GBP/USD had two versions. First post 1.5144 area proved correct long, Second update post Long/shorts 1.5172, 1.5163, 1.5162.
Points reported are Long/ Short lines for the day, accurately calculated based on Interest Rate curves. Take the breaks long or short at reported levels and guess what, trades earn minimum 50 + pips per trade, per currency pair.

This post regards EUR/USD moving forward in upcoming Asia session. To head Long, following points must break, 1.1580, 1.1587, 1.1611, 1.1640, 1.1680. I took our old friend EUR out to 3 months along the curve.

From 3 months out, topside ranges: 1.3218, 1.2842, 1.2492, 1.2042, 1.1816. Bottom side ranges from 3 months out: 1.0142, 1.0438, 1.0731, 1.1133, 1.1345. Top and bottom side ranges change daily as well as Long Short Lines. Never, Never Trade between my reported points, its a set up for disaster. I’ve worked many, many years to understand the currency price intricacies and associated movements so please heed my warning regarding reported levels.

Brian Twomey, and

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