Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market: AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR/CAD

Again, points mentioned are short term, they may or may not hold at 8:30. My points I term my Long / Short Lines because they represent highly accurate points based on the day’s trading and carefully calculated. Object is take breaks short or long as prices go higher or lower. Pays 50 pips, sometimes more, per break, per currency pair. Shoot for the 50 per pair, per break and you’ll be just fine. Never, never trade between levels.

Its the central bankers that tell us daily what they desire for their currency prices, I merely trail their thoughts and calculate their prices.

GBP/USD Long /Short lines till 8:30 1.5113, 1.5113 ( Twice, important point), 1.5121. Top range today 1.5665 then 1.5394, 1.5374, Bottoms 1.4577, 1.4832, 1.4852.

AUD/USD Long / Short Lines 0.8212, 0.8216, 0.8226, 0.8235, Topside range: 0.8868, 0.8727, 0.8516, Bottom 0.7917, 0.7725, 0.7603. Biggest AUD Break 0.8091

NZD/USD Long / Short Lines 0.7659, 0.7660, 0.7662, Topside range 0.8241, 0.8206, 0.8188, Bottoms 0.7084, 0.7115, 0.7130.

EUR/CAD 1.3950

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market


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