Inside the Currency Market: EUR/JPY


From 136.96 current price, Next above 137.05, 137.10, 137.50. Big point 137.50 then higher prices to 138.00’s starting at 138.11. Tough cluster of Resistance found at 138.73 and 138.92. The correlation with EUR/USD remains 0.52 or 52%. EUR/JPY remains oversold as mentioned last week and both by itself and Vs EUR/USD. This week is no different. The big intraday break below is 136.25. That break sees 134.00’s. The current range is found at 137.50 – 136.25 as most important intraday breaks. The 20 day average is driving EUR/JPY prices as is the 20 day average driving all currency prices this week. Usually that means high volatility.

Below EUR/JPY must see breaks at 136.93, 136.72, 136.63, 136.59, 136.40 Then 136.25. Intraday target is found at 137.49. The big Long short line break is found at 135.85. It holds longs intraday. Take the short upon a break.

AUD and other pairs coming next,

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market, This site is all I got, excuse appearance. Its 7 years old, never thought about in 7 years.


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