Inside the Currency Market: AUD/USD, AUD/JPY, AUD/CAD, AUD/NZD, AUD/EUR

5 AUD Pairs. All perfectly factored and figured. AUD/USD, AUD/JPY, AUD/EUR, AUD/CAD and AUD/NZD. For Today only.

AUD/USD. The AUD/USD curve is downsloping which means much resistance was built into the curve above so therefore prices will struggle on any price rises. Further, price points at each interval will struggle to break higher or lower. This holds true for all AUD pairs offered here today. Never trade between price points offered. That’s danger zone, neutral zone, undecided zone. Price can fly either way. The market price guides you, not you guiding the market.

AUD/USD Price points from highest to lowest 0.7499, 0.7482, 0.7476, 0.7474, 0.7473. Never trade between price points, wait for breaks either side than take the trade. Range breaks above 0.7524 and 0.7556 and 0.7598. Range breaks below 0.7423, 0.7391, 0.7351, 0.7349, 0.7249. Wide interval from 0.7349, caution at this point if seen today. Overall 0.7685 is sloping down, shorts below as well. Downsloping curve means short and sell rallies.

AUD/JPY. This curve is also downsloping. Highest to lowest points 92.56, 92.36, 92.30, 92.26, 92.25, AUD/JPY price is currently below curve levels. Only a break of 92.56 sees AUD/JPY higher and 92.25 to see lower. Never trade between points. Range breaks above 92.87, 93.28, 93.79 and 93.81 then 95.11. Tough points at 93.79 and 93.81. Range breaks below 91.64, 91.44, 91.24, 90.74 and 90.71. Breaks of my price points targets range tops and bottoms. Overall 2 lines are coming down daily for AUD/JPY, 94.04 and 93.37. With tough Resistance above, short and short rallies.

AUD/CAD. This curve is tight as is typical for AUD/CAD. Its also downsloping. Its the way it is for AUD today. Highest to lowest price points 0.9553, 0.9534, 0.9528, 0.9524, 0.9523. Range breaks above 0.9587, 0.9597.Not likely to see both breaks at 0.9587 or 0.9597 unless breaks above are seen at vital points at 0.9545 and 0.9566. Below tange breaks: 0.9460 and 0.9450. The only way to both points today or breaks of both points is to see 0.9475 break. Most important below is this point 0.9475. AUD/CAD is a risk on / risk off market barometer. We live in Risk off markets currently, sell and sell rallies is the straegy.

AUD/NZD. And yet another downslope curve. Price points highest to lowest. 1.1182, 1.1171, 1.1160, 1.1153, 1.1148, 1.1147. AUD/NZD is a well contained currency pair as its price is contained in wide wide ranges. Only range breaks seen is below at 1.1073 and 1.1062. AUD/NZD has been building bases at current 1.0965 and 1.0925. Caution with AUD/NZD.

AUD/EUR. Downsloping curve yet again. Highest to lowest price points: 0.6806, 0.6792, 0.6788, 0.6785, 0.6784. Highest to lowest as EUR/AUD translates as 1.4692, 1.4723, 1.4731, 1.4738, 1.4740. Currnt AUD/EUR pice is hovering around 0.6785 or 1.4738. Range breaks above 0.6830, 0.6837 and 0.6897 or 1.4641 and 1.4626. Range breaks below 0.6730 and 0.6732. Translates to 1.4838 and 1.4854. Ranges are extremely wide. Overall price is contained between 0.6869 and 0.7012 or EUR/AUD 1.4261 – 1.4558. EUR/AUD contains wide ranges and a big base beginning at 1.4558.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,


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