Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD


As we head to the close and prepare for Asia, new levels, ranges to carry you through the remainder day and night.

To explain. Each price point will see struggles for price to go higher or lower. Prices just don’t walk through these points easily. Points are perfectly calculated and are exact. Levels and price points are for the :Day Trade”. This model is by far the best in my arsenal of many models due to its high high reliability and accuracy. It took many many months to perfect but its based on my many many years trading and understanding exchange rates, markets as well as what, how and why prices move. A few analysts now use this model for themselves and do very well. The vast majority that have been following along for many years know exactly how to trade this model so never deep explanations offered. Your round trip trades pay 100 pips per. That’s per pair and never a loss because we know exact price locations at anytime, its the most important ingredient. Further, this model is offered by the Central Banks. They use it so do we.

So EUR/USD. Again a big downslope curve. Shorts need a break below 1.0877 and 1.0875. We should see a slight rise . Next points 1.0884, 1.0892, 1.0892, 1.0906, 1.0920, 1.0931. Overbought and sell points begin 1.0931 – 1.0943. This area holds EUR from next top and way overbought at 1.0965 and 1.0995. But note range break points above 1.0925 and 1.1002. Point 1.0925 remais stasis since this morning. Below Range breaks 1.0826, up from this morning’s 1.0822. Then 1.0753. So 1.0826 and 1.0753. Overall range 99 pip range from 1.0826 – 1.0925. Soo then we trade vital points in between to serve scalpers, day traders and swing traders. Obviously all know, take trades at important range breaks.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market, btwomey


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