Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD


EUR/USD. Mentioned longs above 1.0895, 1st target 1.0968. Dead Stopped 1.0968. AUD/USD. Mentioned Longs above 0.7396, target 0.7429. Dead Stopped 0.7444. Off target by 15 pips. NZD/USD Mentioned Most important 0.6608 V 0.6591. Then 0.6621 and 0.6670. Dead Stopped 0.6653. 53 doesn’t register. GBP/NZD Mentioned way overbought, short from 1.3713, saw 1.3384 lows. Those taking these trades I offer should be doing really well. Today was an off day though. Only trade I liked was EUR/USD and didn’t like AUD or NZD/USD. AUD was fine from 0.7396, NZD was most skeptical.

EUR/USD. Overbought found between 1.0977, 1.0987 and 1.0998. So 1.0977 – 1.0998. What’s happening is 1.1001 1.1040 and 1.1083 are descending lines. Point 1.1001 is range top. Below 1.0980, 1.0977, 1.0965, 1.0950, 1.0940, 1.0939. Shorts again need break 1.0894, then 1.0880, 1.0872, 1.0852, 1.0843, 1.0820 then 1.1715.

Range bottom found 1.1715 while above dropping points 1.1001, 1.1040 and 1.1083. Back to short with must break 1.0894 to head lower.

Oh many thank you’s to friends, readers and traders to United States, Muchas Muchas Gracias, Merci, Danke, Mnogo blagodaria, Multumesc, Rahmat, Katta rahmat, obrigado, Bahut Bahut Shukriyal

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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