Inside the Currency Market: AUD/USD Spot and Forwards


Be careful when a currency price hits new lows or highs. Rate markets must play catch up. AUD/USD Forwards 1 year running negative both on the Bid and Offered, 1 year Bid negative 125.80, Offered negative 123.33, Points BID negative 0.1258, ASK negative 0.1233. helped Aussie see new Lows. 2 Year Forwards BID Negative 195.99, ASK Negative 172.99, Points Bid Negative 0.1959, ASK Negative 0.1729. 2 Year Aussie Yields 1.87, 1 Year Yield 1.98. The 1 Year is driving Aussie Spot, 25 Point Spread 1 Year vs 23 Points 2 year.

AUD/USD shorts below 0.7293, 0.7294, 0.7295, 0.7297, 0.7299, 0.7300, 0.7316. Overbought sell point begins 0.7316. Range below 0.7245, 0.7196, 0.7174. Above Range 0.7342, 0.7392. Note overbought 0.7316 V Range break 0.7342. Next we target the break at 0.7245 then look to 0.7100’s.

What we do here daily is hit perfect targets and daily profits in Any pair, anytime. We don’t play, we make money. We can hit targets in 5 pairs, 6, 7, same day. My arsenal is 476 pairs, need a pair and target, name it. More pairs coming today,

Thank you to many many readers, the base is growing exponentially, exponentially, 2.718

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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