Inside the Currency Market: EUR/AUD


Check this tight tight range 1.5091 — 1.5023. Breaks are needed either side to get EUR/AUD moving. Range break above 1.5202 and 1.5229 but 1.5091 must break higher. Range break below 1.4886. Ranges overall in EUR/AUD are extremely wide.

Overbought sell points begin 1.5112 1.5129, 1.5146. Points. shorts need break 1.5057 and 1.5058. Next points above 1.5058, 1.5077, 1.5112, 1.5146. That’s it for EUR/AUD. We need a range break 1.5091 – 1.5023.

EUR/JPY next, chances are good we see the same tight tight ranges. EUR/GBP is a pair not worth the trouble. Its a severe probelm pair for many many months and not worth the touble to trade or even look.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

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