Inside the Currency Market: EUR/JPY


EUR/JPY range is contained between 135.99 – 135.38. The EUR tight range story remains the same. Rick Santelli just reported 10 year German Bunds and 10 Year USD Yields are stuck in tight tight ranges. Thank you but all that read here knew that story last weekend. All also knew German 2 Year and USD 2 year are also in tight tight ranges. Tight ranges are seen in EUR currency pair prices, Yields and interest rates. The entire structure of the USD and EUR complex is stuck in tight tight ranges. Add the fact that all 28 EUR pairs correlate Vs Each other. Draw a cross, what’s seen. All 28 EUR pairs are stuck in the top right quadrant stacked against each other. Its ugly and needs a breakout. For those that missed the German and USD yield story. Hit the site, its there.

EUR/JPY. Range 135.99 – 135.38. I add from another system ranges 135.63. Below 135.38 then next 134.69 and 134.15. Above 135.99 then next 137.24. That;s today only except for my added points at 134.69 and 135.63. My points will are useful through Sunday night Asia trade.

Points. 135.68, 135.69, 135.78, 135.87, 136.19, 136.49. Overbought begins 136.19 – 136.34. Again tight tight ranges.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,


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