Inside the Currency Market: NZD/USD


The bottom found 0.6562. Bottom exactly 0.6562 and 0.6561. A break of 0.6561 must be seen to target 0.6530. Overbought sell point 0.6628. To get to 0.6628, 0.6596 and 0.6595 must break higher. Point 0.6596 is a range break. Overbought at 0.6628 is 2 pips before the next upper range break at 0.6630. Ranges are found either 0.6596 – 0.6530 or 0.6596 – 0.6630. Above 0.6596 then range is 34 pips. Below 0.6596, range is 66 pips.

Downsloping curve. Points 0.6595, 0.6596, 0.6605, 0.6611, 0.6614, 0.6618. To see 0.6630 then 0.6613 and 0.6614 must break higher. What’s driving NZD and all NZD pairs is the 5 year yield. Watch 0.6595 and 0.6596. What’s important about 0.6530 range point below. That point breaks then NZD heads far far lower. That’s the big point holding current small small ranges. 0.6595 and 0.6596 are line in the sand higher or lower. Overall its a sell rally strategy.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

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