Inside the Currency Market: AUD/JPY


Bottom found 89.97. Currently AUD/JPY is stuck between 89.97 – 90.43. But overbought sell point found 90.59 — 90.69. The larger range is found between 90.43 – 89.52. But ranges targets and breaks on the way down 89.82, 89.52, 89.23 then 88.71 and 88.62. Range break next 91.03, 91.33 and 91.63 So Range 91.03 — 89.82 but 89.97 must break.

Shorts must remain below 90.44, 90.43 and 90.42 to target 89.97 then 89.82, 89.52. Longs must clear 90.42, 90.43 and 90.44 to next 90.49, 90.50 and sell point at 90.69. The break of current range 90.43 – 89.97 dictates next moves. AUD/JPY as well holds no excitement whatsoever. I can’t help this situation, its derived from the central bankers. Maybe we’ll try GBP pairs next. This afternoon around 1:00, I will report EUR/USD and EUR pairs.

AUD/CAD. Holding just above at 0.9510 the big break below at 0.9476. Watch this point close today and in days ahead.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

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