Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD


Bottom located 1.0995. Top 1.1051. Shortest term range 1.0995 – 1.1051. Any wonder why a 49 pip range today. The larger range 1.0829 -1.1161 and 1.1190. The Forward line, a special MA is located at 1.1172 and down 60 pips from last reported 1.1232. The entire market and prices are still very tight but what’s seen is the downside is well contained yet the upside is held by an unknown point that is stopping EUR from literally flying higher. Yet note overbought sell point is located from 1.1106 – 1.110. The market is well conatined and way overbought at 1.1161 and 1.1162. Both levels are the exact points holding EUR/USD to see 1.1214 and 1.1271. My own system reveals 1.1087 must clear above and the model has the point exactly at 1.1086 to offer context to the unknown point.

The next point above 1.1051 is 1.1062 but then comes a range break at 1.1063. Above 1.1063 then range becomes 1.1063 — 1.1161. Most important to the upside is 1.1087 and 1.1086. Overbought sell points 1.1106 – 1.1110. Below 1.1051 range point to see shorts 1.1037. Then range becomes 1.1037 – 1.0912 but first the bottom point must also break at 1.0995.

Along the way on a downslope curve is 1.1051, 1.1062, 1.1086, 1.1098, 1.1106 and 1.1110.

More EUR pairs on the way today. CAD pairs will be on the way. A special focus is coming on Latin America currency pairs Brazilian Real, Mexican Peso, Columbian Peso, Argentine Peso and Vs USD and EUR. Possibly more nations will be introduced.

For interested. Another book Using the Z Score to Trade, located here. I know a few using these models and doing very well. I don’t know prices of these books and I don’t have any control in that category

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

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