Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Note mentioned AUD bottom 0.7377 and take the break, 5 hours later AUD saw lows at 0.7369. MXN flew to 16.30, I stated target 16.2544 from break at 16.143.The trade profited well but target was off. That’s rare to see. I did mention MXN was set for a big move. Its been about 1 month since I began posting trades, data and market info. All trades have been very profitable and dead perfect in ranges, targets and levels. Remember the 3 AUD trades and 2 EUR trades called perfectly and profitably in the same morning. We’re not hitting 20 pip targets and we’re not in it for 20 pip trades. I’m working my way around to other websites and many new traders are viewing my trades, data and info. So please allow the Rah rah look at me speech every now and then. MXN trades will continue because its a valuable and forward looking currency pair. In days, we will be trading BRL and Chile. G10 pairs as well continues and I will expand to CAD and many other pairs. I’m open for suggestions if anybody needs or wants to trade another pair. To the many loyal readers, followers and traders. I thank you very much for views and with all godspeed, we continue our profitable run together.

EUR/USD Bottom 1.0810. Range break above 1.0973. Range break below 1.0647. Full range 1.0973 — 1.0647, 326 pip range. I can’t stress the importance of 1.0973. its a level but also a range point. To go higher and sustain higher gains, 1.0973 must break.

Strategy. price must remain below 1.0864, 1.0865 and 1.0868 to target 1.0810. We reverse long at 1.0810 to target again the vicinity at 1.0864. We are looking for our usual 100 pips on the 1.0810 bottom and reverse. Above 1.0868, target becomes 1.0908. This forecast is good until about 6 am EST

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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