Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

MXN shorts from 16.3533 saw a 2489 pip drop. Longs from the first post either earned 100 pips or at worst broke even. The Bank of Mexico intervened last evening and changed the entire MXN structure. Readers and many long time friends know I am exact in many regards in terms of exact targets, exact range points, exact levels to trade, reversal points. Not only is a mistake or miss a rare day but the longevity to be exact spans years. My many models are all factored to be perfect to the exact pip. The MXN trade was a rare rare day and far beyond my control. I will continue the focus on MXN because its an extremely important component as a forward indicator and vital to the currency pair matrix.

With Non Farm Payrolls today, a larger focus in the days ahead by these analysts will be the question when or If Yellen raises Fed Funds. Fed Funds Effective rates finally achieved 0.14 and closed at 0.14 for 8 days since July 27. I stated many times before the Effective rate must continue its journey higher and much quicker in order for Yellen to raise. What dictates 0.14 is the relationship between the 1 year and 6 month yields. 0.35 on the 1 year minus 0.21 on the 6 month rate = 0.14. More important is the 6 month Forward Yield trades at 1.01 and 1.09 for the 90 day. What Forward yields imply is where the respective yield rates will trade in the designated time frame. The assumption is the 90 day yield will trade at 1.09 in 90 days and the 6 month at 1.01. The 90 day crossed the 6 month so an interesting vote of confidence in a rate hike.

EUR/USD. This forecast might be valid through Sunday night or until Saturday afternoon EST.
Bottom 1.0908. Forward line 1.1067. Range bottom 1.0728. The range supports in the 1.0600’s are many and clustered beginning at 1.0676. Range tops aren’t seen until 1.1200’s. Price broke below vital 1.0962. The target so far above is 1.1006 while the target below is the bottom point at 1.0908. As of this writing, price must remain below 1.0962 to target 1.0908.

Many more pairs will be posted. Many thank you’s to the many readers and sincere thank you’s to all at

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Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD Non Farm

EUR/USD rose on the Non Farm Payrolls release. Why. Certain points must be fulfilled. Then it dropped to 1.0858. What is 1.0858? a trend line, former low, Liquidity area, Oh wait a Supply and Demand Zone. maybe a Fibonacci number, a natural Logarithm number.

What I believe is the central banks pulled another slick one on traders. My speculation is they knew the exact NFP number long before the release.

The next range bottom is located at 1.0706. The top to break to go higher is 1.0885. Then comes next 1.0913, 1.0915, 1.0923, 1.0930, 1.0934, 1.0939 and 1.0941. Most important is 1.0913 – 1.0941. Those are shortest term range points if price breaks 1.0913. Prices should remain below 1.0941 for the next few hours.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD 2 Hours

This forecast is good for 2 hours. Our focus today will be EUR/USD due to Non Farm Payrolls.

Bottom. 1.0856, down 16 pips 1.0872 from last evening. No range breaks seen above or below. Overbought sell point 1.0954. On the way down 1.0943, 1.0932, 1.0924, 1.0916, 1.0912. Shorts must break 1.0910 to target bottom at 1.0856. Don’t marry the bottom target due to a 2 hour duration in this trade.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,