Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Understand this blog is 7 years old. In views, all I see is nations and how many views per nation. That’s it. I don’t see IP addresses nor any other information. I’m not interested to see anything else. Never will I be interested to see anything else in the future. This blog isn’t designed that way nor will it be designed that way in the future. Even if I had the ability, I wouldn’t track information nor will I ever track information. I’m writing here my views. Who knows from day to day. I write my interests, current news, Trades, markets. Those that know me over 3 years would know my interest change and I supply tons and tons of accurate information on trading, markets, economics, learning tools and techniques. I’m very careful in my accuracy and detail in all regards when it comes to writings. I realize this site needs an upgrade particularly as views literally skyrocketed. Talk exists to upgrade this site to something more professional but still never to be equipped with tracking information. My thing is come if you like. As all see these trades I offered so far over the past month hit perfectly, I may also ask for a few dollars for trades to help pay for my friends who help me upgrade. The goal is to upgrade calculations so I have speed and ability to post tons and tons of perfectly accurate trades in minutes. We’ll see how it goes. For now have at it and always thank you all for views and to the many loyal in many nations. Welcome Gulf States and thank you. Thank you Fxstreet. trading floor and twitter remains worthless. Soon i will sign out and eliminate them from existence. Thank you

Notice how we see GBP isn’t heading very far north while MXN is on the rise again. Its confirmation of a EUR drop. What’s holding EUR to head higher is the area between 1.1019 to 1.1072. For today, its found exactly at 1.1019. The downside has plenty of daylight.

EUR/USD. Bottom 1.0908, range break below 1.0763, above 1.1087. Overbought sell point 1.1019. To target 1.1019, 1.0963 must break. Strategy: Shorts below 1.0962 to target range bottom at 1.0908. Above 1.0963 targets 1.1019. Price hits 1.1019 should then be reversal to target again 1.0908. Points on the way up, 1.0972, 1.0983, 1.0994, 1.1006, 1.1019. As we head into late Asia, points here will change but only by 1 or 2 pips. So 1.1019 target could be 1.1020, or 1.1017.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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