Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

I understand, major websites only forecast the 7 major pairs and none report on cross pairs. Why. Nobody is interested but money is left on the table if cross pairs aren’t included and they are so easy to calculate. Double, triple and quadruple trades are missed. And then are others as accurate as what is traded here. Probably not. To review, What happens is I forecast bottoms, ranges, levels then targets. For the most part my accuracy is pretty much perfect in all regards over 30 + days and 150 + trades. We missed a few targets but only by a few pips yet no money was lost on any trades nor was a stop needed. Further, I report the full price moves. its not about long to X point, take profit then we’re done and the pair is long forgotten. No we go to target then reverse to hit the short targets so each trade has 2 targets with full profits on every price move. We don’t miss 1 pip on any price moves. Why leave money on the table.

EUR/AUD. The second scenario worked in Asia, short at 1.5132 then target bottom at 1.5093. Point 1.5093 dead stopped and price reversed. Bottom 1.5056 written yesterday afternoon held.
EUR/JPY saw highs at 138.86 from 138.55. Then 138.55 broke in Asia and dead stopped at 138.35. Not a big trade but a trade.
EUR/USD short from yesterday afternoon 1.1141 saw lows at 1.1129. Note my points in all trades, just perfect. EUR/JPY turned at my point exactly 138.86, EUR/AUD hit bottom 1.5093. MXN hit tops, bottoms, ranges and targets as written.

EUR/USD. Bottom 1.1114. Range above 1.1273, Below 1.0966. price above 1.1172 targets 1.1206 – 1.1235 then reverse short to 1.1203, 1.1188. Below 1.1171 targets 1.1142 then 1.1128, 1.1121 then 1.1114. On the way down, 1.1160, 1.1147, 1.1142, 1.1128, 1.1121, 1.1114. One the way up on 1.1172 Break, 1.1181, 1.1187, 1.1193, 1.1206, 1.1235.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,