Inside the Currency Market: EUR/JPY

Again, the Statistical Price Path forecast. I said short 132.31, target 137.96 but watch reversal long back to 138.31. Price Dead stopped at 138.15, reversed to 138.31 and broke. Now we are long to Target 138.65 – 138.96, price Dead Stopped at 138.76. I said then reverse short to 138.61, Price Dead Stopped at 138.64. Not exact as I wanted but extremely close to perfection over 7 hours.

EUR/JPY. Bottom. 138.07. Range break above 140.83, Below 136.71. Overbought sell point, 139.41 exact but 139.10 – 139.41. Strategy. Longs above 138.77, Target 139.10 – 139.41. Points on the way up, 138.81, 138.83, 139.00, 139.10, 139.25, 139.41. Reversal short to 138.83.

Shorts below 138.77, target 138.42 and Reversal point. A break targets bottom 138.07.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market, Inside the Currency Market,


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