Inside the Currency Market: AUD/USD

When last reported AUD, short at 0.7340 and bottom broke.

AUD/USD. Bottom. 0.7155. Range break above 0.7240, Below 0.7143. Overbought Sell point 0.7203. Strategy, Longs above 0.7192, Target 0.7203 then reverse short to 0.7198. Points on the way up, 0.7196, 0.7203.
Shorts below 0.7192, Target 0.7173, look for reverse long to 0.7192. Points on the way down, 0.7179, 0.7175, 0.7165, bottom 0.7155. Bottom breaks stay short to range point 0.7143.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Quick review. Sell 1.1567, Dead Stopped 1.1519, reversed to 1.1567. Long 1.1567 Dead Stopped at Target 1.1619 then reversed to 1.1549 and in between reported 1.1552 – 1.1540.

EUR/USD. Bottom 1.1518. Range break above 1.1722, Below 1.1432. Overbought sell point 1.1628, 1.1655, 1.1683. Strategy. Longs above 1.1577, Target 1.1628 – 1.1655. Reverse short at Target to next target 1.1602, 1.1616. Points on the way up, 1.1581, 1.1593, 1.1605, 1.1628,1.1655.

Shorts below 1.1577, Target 1.1547, 1.1532. Look for reverse long at 1.1547 to target and break 1.1577. Points on the way down, 1.1573, 1.1561, 1.1549, 1.1532, 1.1518.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

The USD side dictates all EUR moves, no help whatsoever from the ECB although I noticed last week ranges were opening wider. The full top was located at 1.1759, price hit 1.1710. In terms of location, a move of this caliber exceeded the most volatile of a Non Farm Payroll day. I’ve seen this happen one time before in the last Oh many many months since I’ve been working with this current model. Its a rare, rare event in currency trading prices that is just not seen. 1.1394 was the big number from Sunday’s post and the 1.1307 Bottom that saw Euro make this move. Further 1.1428 and 1.1487 also assisted as well as the 1.1508 range top. I missed Sunday night’s post and I didn’t like the location of the current Eur price at the time of last post. A full bio is on site for interested and its my assumption why I see Google searches.

EUR/USD. Bottom. 1.1509. Range break above 1.1713, Below 1.1423. Further out 1.1223 and 1.1220 will be mentioned on a correction.

Strategy. Longs above 1.1568, target 1.1619 – 1.1646, 1.1674. Reverse short in the target area. Points on the way up, 1.1571, 1.1583, 1596, 1.1619. Shorts below 1.1567, target 1.1538, Look for possible reversal long here. Points on the way down, 1.1564, 1.1552, 1.1540, 1.1538, 1.1523, 1.1509 Bottom. A Bottom ever breaks stay in the trade, any trade, any Bottom.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

Inside the Currency Market: Brian Twomey BIO

Due to many Google searches from tons of new readers, traders and followers, a quick Bio.

Upon completion of my 2nd Graduate degree in 1996, I embarked on a 16 year career as a college professor of Political Science and specialized predominately in the study of the American Congress and other parliaments around the world. International relations to some degree is a complementary topic to Congresssional roles, policies and functions so by osmosis I maintained interests on the international side and taught all the requisite classes.

In 2004, I began trading currencies. It was a natural progression and complement to congressional studies and international relations. Like the rest that jumps into an inane topic, I didn’t have a clue what exchange rates were all about. In the beginning, I lost money yet only a few thousand. Then I realized never again would I allow exchange rates to take my money. So for the past 11 years, I traded, studied and researched in minute detail tons and tons of topics related to currencies, exchange rates and trading. Every year I grew in profits, knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities. I learned by Google searches and ability to ask a long time friend at Thomson Reuters questions from time to time. I find the 11 year point interesting as I became a member of my church then. So I adopted my friend’s term Forex Gods as both are related. I credit the Gods in heaven for what I have and accomplishments today.

2008 – 2012. I began writing articles for Stocks and Commodities magazine then later investopedia and the European Banking Federation. The three articles with the most views was the interview with Welles Wilder, currency Triangulations and profile of John Mc Ginley. In 2010, I wrote Inside the Currency Market. The book was a total failure but not for the few thousand bankers, academics and traders that took the time to read it and learn since nothing changed in currency markets since 2010 and nothing will change in the future. The book appears in bibliographic academic journals and tons of libraries around the world.

2012. When Wiley / Bloomberg Press failed to promote Inside the Currency Market as they’ve done with many others, I joined FXstreet. I thought this move was most ignorant because I’m not a public person and never thought of myself as a public person. But then I was involved with many traders and agreed to a trading challenge. I hit 25 perfect targets trading live over 36 days for 2500 + pips. Here trades
Trades were all accomplished with mathematics so I wrote Using Z Scores to Trade Foreign Exchange. Another flop but still available on Amazon. But that was then. I stayed out anyway and still published articles, trades, assisted anyone that wrote and always still maintained profits, growth and learning as years progressed. After three years, my hope Is I’m well liked, respected and appreciated by the many I assisted. A bad apple and critic will always exist, its natural. Jesus was criticized when he fed the 5,000.
And I did it all for nothing as I haven’t earned one penny from anybody in the three years out.

2014. Interviews with Brother Dale in the Live Analysis Room at Big calls made then. Europe heading for Dark Day, Volatility will explode and many other calls. I see the big stuff coming because I do my work and research. Articles published in FX Trader Magazine and mentioned in Thomson Reuters commentaries 22 times. Who knew singing up for Fxstreet would lead to all this.

Current. What’s ahead. I don’t know truthfully. Brother Dale is trying to reschedule an interview. Fxstreet closed so now I maintain this old blog with hope to turn it into a small website and maybe with an ad or two to pay for the time I devote to it. I submitted a 20 page academic paper to a Double Blind review journal as I showed using deep mathematical explanations and 5500 exchange rates how cross pairs switch allegiance from market period to market period. Its the first of its type ever in an academic journal. If accepted, I will take on other projects for journal publications. Many topics exist yet to be explored and other topics that haven’t been fully developed. For example, I’m working on the relationships to Discounts and premiums both present and forward in currency pairs. Correlations and the Correlation trade is a huge topic of interest that hasn’t been fully explored. To understand Correlations, one must go back to Fisher at the turn of the century or one fights a losing battle to understand, apply and trade by Correlations.

So for now I move along. If this site makes it, fine. If it doesn’t, then I’m gone but always to continue trading, growing and learning.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market