Inside the Currency Market: AUD/USD

When last reported AUD, short at 0.7340 and bottom broke.

AUD/USD. Bottom. 0.7155. Range break above 0.7240, Below 0.7143. Overbought Sell point 0.7203. Strategy, Longs above 0.7192, Target 0.7203 then reverse short to 0.7198. Points on the way up, 0.7196, 0.7203.
Shorts below 0.7192, Target 0.7173, look for reverse long to 0.7192. Points on the way down, 0.7179, 0.7175, 0.7165, bottom 0.7155. Bottom breaks stay short to range point 0.7143.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,


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