Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Review last evening trade. Long from 1.1243 Target 1.1303 saw 1.1308, +65 pips. Then reverse short to mentioned 1.1271 hit perfect + 37 pips, total + 102. We’re doing about average 80 pips per pair, per trade, each day based on longs and shorts. Some days a bit more other days slightly less but 80 so far is about correct. We’ve had 2 big target misses for 70 pips but those misses were in favor of the trade direction so maybe a miss but the miss added to the profitable trade. 80 pips per day times 150 trades posted, 12,0000 pips. Is this right, I don’t know but we suffer no losses and all trades earned profits in a matter of hours. Let’s say 50 pips per trade, that’s 7500 pips earned on 150 trades. And in 1 month. Whatever we are in good shape and I’m sure we beat everybody. Hopefully next week I’m fully automated on this system so I can post 20, 50 pairs and hit perfect targets for even greater profits. Its not the number of pairs, its the data and calculation cause its all manual. Automation allows multiple pairs with greater speed in calculations and posts. Targets are the easy part to this scenario.

EUR/USD. Bottom. 1.1211. Range break above 1.1332, Below 1.1202. Overbought sell point, 1.1329, 1.1357. Strategy. Longs above 1.1268, Target 1.1329. Then reverse short to target 1.1298 – 1.1291. Points on the way up, 1.1273, 1.1300, 1.1314, 1.1329, 1.1357.

Shorts below 1.1267, Target 1.1239, Watch here for reverse to 1.1267. Points on the way down, 1.1262, 1.1255, 1.1242, 1.1226, then Bottom 1.1211.

As always thank you friends at Fxstreet, Fxtraderhub

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

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