Inside the Currency Market: EUR/INR

Sri, my levels and points aren’t exact perfect but extremely close.

EUR/INR. Bottom. 74.36. Range break above 75.43, Below 74.04. Overbought sell point 75.16. Strategy. Longs above 74.74, target 75.16. Then reverse short to 74.95 and lower. Points on the way up, 74.77, 74.87, 74.97, 75.16.

Shorts below 74.73, target 74.54. Watch this point for reversal higher. Points on the way down, 74.66, 74.56, 74.51, 74.43, 74.36 Bottom. Bottom breaks then target 74.20 then 74.04.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,


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