Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

Terrific article on site by the Great Martin Armstrong, What is Money. Dovetails with my last posts regarding interest rates and Inflation. I’m on the Heels of Martin Armstrong which means I’m doing just astoundingly fine, on the right track and growing even further. Money is Inflated by nature, its natural, can’t be stopped. To stop money inflated means economies die because we can’t borrow and lend, create more money and wealth. Its why Borrow and lend interest rates are so vital. Every currency by itself or by a matched exchange rate is inflated. But inflated creates markets, long and shorts, trends or dead ranges. Sometimes these central bankers create wide ranges, other times not. We could never go 2 X any range. Only question is what does the central bank want to do with its currency. What Armstrong introduces Purchasing Power, a topic I must view further in relation to my data. Borrow lend economically by citizens creates Purchasing power. Add Inflation to interest rate in Europe and we have nothing at 0.0001 Inflation. A bold statement in which I’m allowed to render, I am the central bank because my calculations are the exact same as every central banker in this world. Its why traders to my site never lose, nor will ever lose. 200 + trades are on the site to view for inspection. Most hit exact targets and reversed to mentioned levels. I call it my Statistical Price Paths because I offer traders opportunities to hit both long and short targets in every trade, every currency pair. Most done done within 1, 2 hours, sometimes less. I have spent my life to understand the currency price, literally for many many years. All would be surprised at the limited knowledge analysts and traders have regarding a currency price, a pip.

Last EUR/USD trade, long 1.1169, Target 1.1233 achieved, + 64 then short to 1.1201 + 32 yet price broke as mentioned to head lower so + 96 pips.

EUR/USD Today’s range is 58 pips total, 24 pips downside, 37 pips upside. Two vital points 1.1291, that’s the moving line written with Saturday’s Trade. Hasn’t moved hardly since Sunday opening. Bottom dropped to 1.0171. How can I possibly know all this. I do and its perfectly exact. We’re not goping to see much from EUR this morning.

EUR/USD. Bottom 1.1105. Range break above 1.1252, Below 1.1050. Overbought sell point 1.1226, Note targets coming down, slowly but coming down. Strategy. Longs above 1.1162, target 1.1226. Then reverse short to 1.1194 and lower upon break to see 1.1161 break. Points on the way up, 1.1167, 1.1180, 1.1194, 1.1210, 1.1226.

Shorts below 1.1161, Target 1.1133. Watch for reversal here to 1.1161 and break higher. Price below 1.1133 must break higher to see higher prices. Points on the way down, 1.1157, 1.1149, 1.1142, 1.1136, 1.1112, 1.1105 Bottom.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


4 thoughts on “Inside the Currency Market: EUR/USD

  1. Hello Brian how to follow You on Your trades?
    Is this Your main site were You post them? Also I see that You never suggest Stop Loss but just enter price and Target. So what happen if I enter a trade long and turns around without hitting the target and then according to Your suggestion hits the short enter at that price one then can have two trades long and short. You mean both eventually will be filled or else?
    Thank You Ralphy

    1. Hi Ralfhy, Yes this is the main site for all trades, commentarie,s Information. I post on, and @authorbtwomey, Targets on longs means we are in the sell zone location, normally targets hit perfectly then reverse. lately I’ve had a few misses where price failed just before actual target or overshot. Failures and overshots are only a few pips so never to worry. What’s important is to know target is the sell zone and safe to go short and take profits on longs. Thanks for following along, feel free to write anytime

      1. Hi Brian I only can say thanks for Your very clear explanation, by the way is this all free (would be no problem if You decide for a fee) and when is the best GMT more or less to be sure You will be on board so I can can follow You?

      2. Hi Ralfhy, Best times are 8:30 EST, 1:00 EST and 10:00 pm EST. I post as many trades as possible. Some days as much as 6 pairs. All trades are hand calculated and take time. I do the best I can. Yes all trades, information and feature articles are all free. A friend is working on automation so do I go to fee based. I don’t know to be honest. Automation would allow posting of 20 – 30 pairs in minutes and every pair with equal and perfect accuracy. If ever a fee based situation presented itself then the charge would be minimal. Thanks for following along, write anytime

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