Brian Twomey: Currency Trades Explanation

Trades on this blog since August inception I term my Interest Rate model and is derived directly from the central banks. The model is a serious serious upgrade from previous interest rate models yet transformed to be perfectly accurate. If its understood a currency pair is an interest rate then a currency price must transform to match an interest rate. Only two views exist to trade a currency price since the beginning of time, Gold / Silver and interest rates. Nothing revolutionary in this back to basics assessment except understanding for multitudes of post 2008 traders. Gold/ Silver beats interest rates as the preferred method to trade currencies by about 1000 years.

In the model, I know exact overbought/ oversold prices, I know exact bottoms, I know exact turning points, I know exact targets as well as multiple targets since I’m able to calculate a full Statistical price path. I know exact points where prices will struggle to break higher or lower, I know exact ranges and the import to a range break. I know if a price will perform or not. I have full price information and essentials to profit and without loss.

The model however is short term and last for about 24 hours but I choose not to go that far because sudden changes can occur to place the model off its perfection. So trades last from post to post as new calculations are required. An afternoon post nullifies a morning post since previous overbought / oversold, targets, ranges, Bottoms, turning points are useless. Morning trade targets must hit, profit and exit then the same operations are performed in the afternoon then in Asia. This manner allows continuous profits around the clock.

Brian Twomey,Inside the Currency Market,


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