Inside the Currency Market: 4 AUD Pairs

AUD/CAD From current 0.9430, the larger range is found between 0.9275 to 0.9754. To see 0.9275, next big break at 0.9373 must occur first. Above lies 0.9458, 0.9474 and 0.9485.

AUD/JPY. From Current 86.60, next big breaks above are located at 87.50, 87.49 and 87.97 intraday. Points 87.50 and 87.49 are two separate Moving Average lines that happen to be traveling together and assisting to force current prices lower. AUD/JPY just broke both points so the downtrend is fresh. What’s next below are two points located at 84.10 and 81.16. Both are severely oversold. But, as long as AUD continues its downtrend, as long as the RBA threatens to lower OCR, as long as commodity prices drop and as long as economic news continues to deteriorate, AUD/JPY goes lower and targets 84.10.

AUD/CHF. This pair remains severely oversold at current 0.6932. AUD/CHF is currently at life time lows, never seen before in 62 years to offer oversold context. If Australia ever recovers economically, AUD/CHF is the long to hold for extended periods. The best I have above are intraday at 0.6995 and 0.7011.

AUD/NZD. This pair is trying to recover from crisis lows and is slooowly moving towards its target. It remains oversold since 2008 and is in the same condition today. AUD/NZD has miles to go higher. The best points I have above is 1.0888 and 1.1099. AUD/NZD is in buy dips mode for a long long time in the future.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

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