Etymology of ISIS, ISIL

ISIS, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or as America’s Obummer states ISIL to mean Islamic State in Levant. The difference is the original ISIL, Levant, includes the lands of Israel. The ISIL term is known in Arabic as Daesh or Ad Dawlah Al-Islamiya Iraq Washams. Secretary Kerry stated in Paris today Daish which if I heard correctly is the derogatory form of the ISIS term in Arabic.
ISIS is a Salafi group born of the Wahhabi tradition from Saudi Arabia. Why Saudi Arabia is because Muhammad founded Islam as Capital in Medina Saudi Arabia in the 6th century. What followed were caliphs or religious and political leaders beginning in the 7th century with Rasidun Caliphs. What split the Caliphs and Islam in particular was the division between Muhammad and Son in Law Ali. Followers of Ali became Shia and formed Caliphates based on Heredity while Sunni followers of Muhammad elected Caliphs.The term Caliph conveys a successor to God and Commander of Believers. Caliphates existed under dynasties until Mustafa Kemal under the Ottomans abolished Caliphates and formed the secular nation known today as Turkey. ISIS both despises Turkey for not only its secular positions but abandonment of the Caliphates. Kuwait, not necessarily a Caliphate was founded by the Sabah family in 1766 and still rules today. Oman was born from Family rule, UAE by Sheiks.
ISIS despises Turkey for far greater reasons as Italy under the Byzantines ruled Constantinople. Constantinople was part of the original Residun Caliphate that had at its intention to form one large Calipate under which all Muslimes would live. Eventually the Orthodox Christians would set up camp in Constantinople until the Ottomans forced the orthodox to set up shop in Russia then Crimea.
The leader of the Rasidun Caliphate was Abu Bakr, the same name taken as today’s ISIS leader. He harks back to establish the Rasidun Caliphate that included lands from Saudi Arabia, to North Africa, the Gulf states and included Syria, israel, Libya, Egypt. Its seen as religious land because it was granted from Muhammad through God. What changed since 632 and the beginning of the Rasidun Caliphate was Arab Dynasties separated, split, fought against each other, fought Christians. Wars were fought predominantly for land, religious reasons and power control to include the Arab dynasties. Arab land since Rasidun has territory control and won’t allow sharing with Christians, Jews or Orthodox.
Muslims ruled Spain in the Iberian Peninsula from 711 – 1011 until the Christians under Spain, Portuguese and French armies later defeated the Moor Muslims. Here began the long Christian tradition. Why the ISIS attack against the French today is because the French were involved in the fight but more importantly the Catholic church was located in Avignon in southern France. Pope Urban and Pope Clement 1 were involved in the fights to defend Christian lands. ISIS remembers and holds the French accountable. Russia is accountable for the Orthodox in Constantinople.

What split Arab lands was Sykes Pico, the WW agreement by the French and the UK. Helps us fight said the French and Brits and we will restore your lands. The Arabs fought but lands were separated to form states rather than the promised Caliphate. Iraq and Syria were divided as separate states, Gulf states found oil so Arabs states subdivided into rich and poor. Sunni staes formed V Shia states such as Iran. Followers of Muhammad or Sunni’s are by far the majority Arabs Vs Shia.

ISIS flies the Black flag which is the black flag of Muhammad. its a Battle Flag with a gold ring that says No God but Allah. Dabiq Syria is not only the capital of ISIS but its Dabiq where the ISIS Jihad magazine is published. Dabiq is the location of the famous battle of Marh Dabiq where the Ottomans fought and defeated the Sultanate of Mamluk in 1516 and later led to the 300 year rise of the Ottoman Empire. In Dabiq is where ISIS believes they will fight against the Christian armies and win to then declare the beginning of the end of the world. Further as stated in the Hadith, Dabiq is found a possible location for the Christian apocalypse, Malahim in Arabic. ISIS today states the Christian army as Rome or the Battle of Rome.

Does ISIS seek the return of the 12th Imam, now hidden in occultation, the person to come to the world to bring peace and justice. I don’t know yet but all past 11 Imans were poisoned and most imprisoned.

Send immigrants through the Mediterranean to France, Germany and Greece from an ISIS stronghold in Libya then ISIS has ability to continually send immigrants. Europe is in a box, packed between ISIS and immigrants to the south and Russia to the north. A strategic nightmare as Russia has funded the French le Pen far right Party as well as Greece Golden Dawn and Hitler nationalist parties in Germany.