AUD 2 year bond yields at current 2.02 is supported by monthly averages at 1.99 while 3 year bond yields at current 2.05 trades just below monthly averages at 2.06. AUD 5 year bond yields at 2.24 trades just below 2.28 monthly averages and 10 year yields at 2.84 trades below monthly averages at 2.85. AUD Q3 GDP at 2.5 trades exactly on the 1 year average line at 2.50. OCR at 2.0 trades below the 1 year average at 2.15 and far below 10, 15 and 20 year averages at 4.25, 4.46 and 4.63. Spreads 10 and 2 year are 0.79 while 10 and 3 month are quite high at 0.784. From the Minutes, Mining investment remains low, Growth in Asia slow, housing investment slow, iron Ore prices remain on the floor, monetary conditions worldwide remain accommodative. From the Sydney Herald, Toyota, Ford and Holden plan to leave Australia by end 2016 and threaten 200,000 current jobs.

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