Vital points below are trade levels to act as breaks will see significant price moves.

USD/KRW. From close at 1234.60, next levels, 1198.09 and 1182.87, currently overbought.

EUR/KRW. From close at 1373.85, next vital points 1287.92 and 1324.99

USD/THB. From close at 35.73, next points 35.89 and 35.69

USD/RUB. From 77.04 close, next points 73.96 and 71.93. Rub resembles ZAR, its extremely overbought and price should be far far lower. Expect much volatility in all RUB pairs.

EUR/RUB. From 86.30 close, next point 81.85.

USD/HKD. From 7.7739 close, next points 7.7750, 7.7739 ( closed on support, resistance). 7.7687, 7.7639. HKD is another pair ready for an explosive price move. Current price cannot remain in present location. Watch this pair close for a giant move higher.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

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