USD/ZAR is a currency pair whose price remained in overbought territory for years. First 7.00 then 8.00 broke. Then ZAR traveled to 10 and 12.00. Now price sits at 15.4025 from the close. The big point breaks remain at 7.0 and 8.0. As Yellen raised, its natural for pairs such as ZAR to also raise. No better example in Fed Funds rises and price reactions is found in the South American Peso pairs, USD/COP ( Columbia ), USD/ARS ( Argentina ), USD/CLP ( Chile ) and USD/BRL. All are well practiced in USD rises and falls over many years.

USD/ZAR. From the 15.4025 close, watch closely 15.3073 and 15.2628.

USD/SGD. From the 1.4053 close, next 1.4083 and 1.4156.

USD/SEK. This pair is ready for an explosive move as price varied already 4.8%. SEK cut its Repo rate further into negative territory. Its tracking Denmark DKK as the most negative interest rates in the world. Part of Sweden’s economic problem derives from the refugee crisis as Swede citizens resent the current government due to high profile crimes committed by recent migrants. The best points are found above at 8.4902 and 8.5535.

EUR/SEK. From 9.4031 close, below supports 9.3873 and 9.3101

USD/NOK. A much more smoother pair than SEK and its derived from the Norway system in operating their own exchange rates. Its doesn’t share the same Swede problems. USD/NOK. From 8.5562 close, next points 8.5893 and 8.6922. I can’t help the wide variations in SEK ans NOK prices, its built into the exchange rate systems.

EUR/NOK. From 9.5230 close, next points 9.4965 and 9.4620, well supported for now.

USD/INR. From 68.72 close, next 67.39 and 66.95, well supported.

EUR/INR. From 76.32 close, next 74.52, 73.07, 72.89. Extreme buy points 75.71 and 75.04. Sell points 77.93 and 76.68.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

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