AUD/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Current AUD/USD. Bottoms 0.7122 and 0.7104. Big point breaks 0.7136 and 0.7152. Further upside points 0.7143, 0.7158, 0.7162.

Range 17 pips. Extreme buy points for RBA 0.7097, and 0.6961. Above Sell points 0.7265 and 0.7321. Range breaks 0.7163 above and 0.7116 and 0.6973 below.

Longs must pass 0.7163, Shorts below 0.7136, Targets watch range point 0.7116, a break stay short to bottoms at 0.7104. A break on RBA, target 0.7097 then reverse long, must pass 0.7104 and 0.7122 but below 0.7136.

Again most important from RBA is Trade Ables, Vs Non Trade Ables, those are Import and Export Prices and the greatest problem for AUD. RBA needs AUD lower to possibly export their way out of the current economic dilemma. Inflation at 1.7% and OCR at 2.0 is okay for now as Inflation isn’t yet a problem.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

EUR/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Mentioned 1.0887 will break, it broke to see 1.0873 lows. Bottoms are found at 1.0860 and 1.0833. Next range target below is now 1.0760 from this morning 1.0812 and Sunday evening 1.0786. This point is most dynamic with a fluid downside range point. Well take this point step by step as days progress.

Above upper targets 1.0896 and 1.0903. Looks for reversal short here. Big lines falling are now 1.1017, 1.1009, 1.0978 and 1.0891. Range today 57 pips. 1.0760 next below then 1.0629. Far distance for now. Sell rallies.

Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,

EUR/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

The point at 1.0887 remains big huge break. As mentioned last evening, it will break. Bottoms are located at 1.0886 and 1.0913. This means EUR/USD is currently in daily reversal zone but 1.0913 must break to go higher, until the American opening. What 1.0887 means, EUR/USD could see permanent lower exchange rates for quite some time. We could easily see a 1.0400 – 1.0800 range to last again for a long long time. 1.0887 is not just a break, its colossal. Forget oversold overbought, the ECB is targeting this break and its been building for quite some time.

Any rallies will be contained below upper targets at 1.0944 and 1.0956. Above 1.1016 dropping line was 1.1018 last evening, then 1.1032 and 1.1071. Dropping lines 1.1016, 1.1032 and 1.1071. A break of 1.0887 targets 1.0812, last evening point was 1.0786. Lines are always dynamic. Continue selling any rallies although rallies should remain very shallow.

USD/CAD. Longs from Sunday night open from 1.3510 so far saw 1.3587 for 77 pip gain. Continue to buy dips as mentioned USD/CAD going far higher.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,