EUR/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

EUR/USD Bottoms. 1.0873, 1.0846. Range breaks, 1.0944 and 1.1316 above, 1.0858 below. Vital points, 1.0894 below, 1.0975 above. Shorts need break 1.0894. Targets today, 1.0909. Price surpassed at writing, look for 1.0918, 1.0927 for reverse short.
Shorts must break vital points for today at 1.0907, 1.0904 and 1.0901. Target is again 1.0894 and eventual break. Price hits sell points today 1.0927 above and long at 1.0831. This up move today is very short term as a severe top is here. Funny how we also identified the top in AUD as well. AUD can go a little higher, EUR/USD doesn’t have that ability. EUR is ready for a massive drop. As it may go higher only makes the drop more violent. Total pip range 54 pips, up 4 pips from few days ago. Shortest term pip range 10 pips. Radical changes are coming to currency markets so shortest term ranges reported to monitor what’s ahead and to know the exact point to revert to new strategies. I’m prepared and ready for the switch.
The strategy is short and short any rallies as EUR/USD is heading light years lower over time.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

AUD/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

AUD/USD targets easily achieved at 0.7317. Overnight 0.7330. If I posted for the overnight, we could’ve caught the further move to 0.7330 yet no big deal we missed 12 pips when plenty pips to earn are ahead and without ever a loss. For my private guys, they earned much on AUD pairs all week. Maybe next week I’ll pick another pair to trade up and down all week to catch every single pip that trades.

AUD/USD. Bottoms. 0.7318 and 0.7282. Ranges, 0.7368 above, 0.7270 and 0.7221 below. Short term Ranges are tightening and its consistent with the internal dis junction seen in AUD for the first time yesterday. The AUD/USD top is here as mentioned yesterday. We want shorts. Daily ranges today is solid at 19 pips both long and short term. Big points below from rising lines 0.7164 and 0.7140. EUR/USD lines 1.0894 and 1.0985. Why EUR, Correlations are now minus 0.15 and moving further away from positive V EUR/USD. The EUR/USD range Vs AUD/USD is found at 1.0954 average and 1.1019 above, 1.0889 below. AUD/USD average 0.7166, 0.7217 above and 0.7115 below. AUD/USD is in range but the top is here.
AUD/USD targes above 0.7352 failure point and 0.7381, watch 0.7368 range point in this assessment. Below 0.7317 targets 0.7282, watch range point 0.7270. Overall ranges 0.7368 – 0.7270. AUD to head higher watch 0.7321, 0.7334 and 0.7346. Shorts preferred today then we assess later today again.

AUD/CAD Big break points today, 0.9848 and 0.9777.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,