AUD/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Thank you respectfully Brother Dale Friend of Forex,, Live Analysis Room for support to recognize my work and efforts.

AUD/USD. Still maintains minus 32% correlation V EUR/USD. This means AUD/USD won’t move pip for pip V EUR/USD but it means a long EUR/USD is a short AUD/USD and vice versa. This correlation mismatch will take time to resolve. When AUD runs higher, EUR/USD drops and it leaves AUD at current way way overbought but also out of range V EUR/USD. AUD/USD currently belongs between 0.7343 – 0.7230. While EUR/USD is now okay between 1.0992 – 1.0954 and then 1.0916. AUD shorts will be a slow grind where 0.7100’s are locked tight.

AUD/USD Big breaks are found at 0.7237, 0.7230 and 0.7158. Bottoms. 0.7479 and 0.7442.Range breaks 0.7380, 0.7357 and 0.7581 above. Targets above 0.7547 and fail point at 0.7516. To go higher, AUD/USD must break 0.7483, 0.7496 and 0.7510. Daily pip ranges are 20 pips. To understand target at 0.7547 and 0.7516, Sell point extreme above is found at 0.7543. This is the sell area. Long point below 0.7321. Then EUR/USD sell point 1.1065 and long 1.0903. Big points EUR/USD 1.0983 and 1.0910. I see EUR/USD cannot hold present ranges despite its current comfort position. I see a massive drop ahead. Any AUD price rises are result of EUR Correlations. AUD longs are scary, better sell the rallies.

AUD/CAD Big vital points 0.9874, 0.9809 and 1.0016

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

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