Fxstreet V Investing.com

Posts on investing.com have ability to see views as the tally records based on every reader. I continually see my posts hit 300 – 500 views, sometimes more but it depends on the topics. If I write about the larger currency market or market picture, views literally skyrocket past 500 to near 1000. Its really astounding to see as I don’t know who these people are that read my stuff. Most posts I see 200- 300 within hours, other times 400 – 500 within 24 hours.

If ever investing.com places an article on front page, then my views go much higher. I made it on front page twice and never hold out hope because I’m not a named guy nor a regular writer. I don’t post often, I come and go in spurts because I’m incredibly bored and tired of these posts and to compete inside the clutter of garbage written by most. But write informed analytical words, show a brain cell is active then writings post very quickly. Insert an everyday or non eye catching headline attached to a good written article, investing.com will even assist with a good headline. My undergraduate degrees are in Political science and journalism. I vividly remember I despised Dr. Smith’s class on headline writing. I liked Dr Smith in every regard but not headline writing class.

Anybody can write for investing.com. Pretty much just sign in and write. But they want general words yet analytical and not complicated topics or an article will reject. Don’t offer trade recommendations, targets, don’t advertise yourself, yell rah rah on the last article or it will reject. If you show you have half a brain and know what you are doing then a re writing or stated words in such a way to come across as a trade signal will pass. Here on this blog I don’t pay much attention to proper grammar but in public writings especially to unknown readers the grammar story is different. I have fun at times testing the waters and even pushing the envelope.

I wrote about Fed Funds and General collateral rates and showed how the Fed will eventually push up Fed Funds. I knew it had limited chance and I was right as it received a big fat red rejection next to my name. I want desperately to write about commercial paper as the primary driver to DXY but I haven’t pushed that envelope yet, maybe FX street will give me a shot. I’m completing an article on deep analysis and floors V ceilings to currency prices but haven’t decided who to send it to or if I should even bother.

The vast majority of investing.com articles to find views is FX trading. The least is sadly bonds and yields which is why all guys write about on bonds is 10 year Treasury yields. Want to move ahead then do as I do and write about the entire yield curve, write about 10’s V 2’s, 10’s V 30’s. Use the same approach on different nations, compare spreads. All are not only viable topics but what do you think moves currency prices and nobody writes about this stuff. I tested the crowd of readers by writing articles on interest rates. Those articles receive not only less views but hardly a view. This says readers are easily post 2008 traders. But as usual investing.com is crowded crowded.

Fxstreet.com is much different. It takes an invite and approval before anybody reads one word written. Fxstreet checks out fully their writers. But how many readers, views. I don’t know. They allow postings everyday, investing.com has or had limits per week.

But fxstreet like investing.com appears crowded so my desire to continue posts is waning. Now I’m competing with world banks, big name analysts and fxstreet itself. My articles flow through the feed yet I don’t know views. For all I know this 2007 blog receives more views. And again, I don’t read one post on investing.com nor fxstreet because its just same old blah, blah, get your name out, be seen, use slick words as blah blah is presented. Readers here know how it goes. Its just the same old tired stuff. Fx desperately needs different views and perspectives. Tell you one guy Mike Scrive who writes at fxtrader magazine site. This guy is doing it nicely. He presents full story views, full analysis. The guy is good. His trade recs are very diversified and come with full explanations.

So my thinking at this stage is quit fxstreet and investing.com. I gave up already at fxtrader magazine and highly doubtful to ever post again at Modern Trader magazine as this month’s article is 3 months in a row. Any writings and trades will post here for interested. I’m not sending out on twitter nor fxstreet.net either. I’m pretty much done and hope I don’t get pulled right back in as Michael Corleone said in Godfather 3. I can’t compete in this world and no longer am I interested. Its just not fun anymore and its not like the old days when guys like me were paid nicely for articles. Nobody pays anymore. The whole world wants everything and expertise for nothing.

Brian Twomey

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