Brian Twomey Currency Prices In Action

To many friends and years long followers. I wish to explain this current system so all know how to trade it. If others aren’t interested but are interested in signals then I can provide other trades from other math models that are just as good.

Think about a 5 day moving average. Theoretically, its takes 5 days to hit a 5 day target. Inside the long wait pips move and we watch without profit.

My system. Think about a 2 or 3 hour moving average. Well that’s a good description and its derived directly from central bank models with my own changes. Inside 2 or 3 hours are bottoms, Levels, Ranges and Targets.

First we have a long short line. Its an equilibrium line between upper targets and Bottoms. Surrounded by this line are levels. Price will immediately trade around these levels until a formal break occurs. Sometimes price breaks immediately. Usually around equilibrium lines, about 5 pips either side of the line will trade until the formal break happens. When the break happens, take it quickly in the direction of the break.

Let’s say price broke above. Two target points are provided because a price can easily fail before the uppermost target. Watch the 2 target points closely to determine if the first target breaks higher or fails. A break higher means the uppermost target will hit. Price may fail at the first fail target. At the targets uppermost or fail points, price becomes overbought so must drop. Take profit on the long upon target uppermost or fail then quickly reverse short. Look for 10 to 20 pips on the short. A pair like GBP/JPY most times hits targets then drops as all other currency pairs. Sometimes it goes beyond uppermost targets. What a sell gift. Any price beyond uppermost target is a sell gift.

If a price fails at the first fail target point then price will go short below the equilibrium line and hit the first bottom target. Honestly, another gift. If a price is supported at the first bottom target on shorts, price will travel higher past the equilibrium point to target the first fail point.

A bottom is rock solid 99.99%. Should a bottom price ever break on crazy market announcement, long and hurry to target the first bottom side failure point. Most important is price is oversold at the bottom point and even first fail point. On shorts, take profits and quickly reverse long because price is oversold.

Above or below equilibrium,targets must by mathematical laws hit. Sure we may miss 1 or 2 pips but never worry because we have 7 pairs, 3 times a day with the good possibility to hit 50 pips per pair, 3 times per day. Its a 2 or 3 hour moving average and with it, I figured how to capture every pip that trades within a few hours.

Here’s EUR/USD


Trade valid until 9:45 p.m.EST

Long short line 1.1063

Bottom. 1.1021, achieves by 1.1042 and 1.1031, First target 1.1042 and 1.1046

Upper target 1.1103 and 1.1117. Longs must cross 1.1079. Look for failure here.

Upper points 1.1065, 1.1069, 1.1071, 1.1077, 1.1080, 1.1084, 1.1089, 1.1094


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