AUD/CHF: Levels, Ranges, Targets

AUD/CHF from Friday’s close at 0.7446, sits not only on a solid base at 0.7134 but most vital break points lie just below at 0.7310 and 0.7263 then 0.7012. AUD/CHF overall is in an uptrend and a buy dips strategy would be the way to go for many days ahead. The upper most of the channel is 0.7583 and 0.7591. At 0.7446 though current price is dead center of the price channel as the bottom is located at 0.7373. A break of 0.7373 then means a run to 0.7310. Any price in the lower 0.7400’s specifically 0.7407 and 0.7403, I would look for longs. In the 0.7460’s to 0.7490’s I would begin to look for shorts. Most important is 0.7489.

AUD/CHF negatively correlates to AUD/USD at minus 83% and means AUD/USD and AUD/CHF will move counter to each other.

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