EUR/USD V DXY: September Monthly Forecast


1.1211,1.1068,1.1228,1.1311,1.1339,1.1099,1.1092,1.0859,1.0877,1.0736,1.1235,1.1221,1.1139,1.0995,1.1213,1.1149,1.0779,1.0837,1.1349,1.1621,1.2331,1.2472,1.2672,1.2901,1.3316,1.539,1.3592,1.3732,1.3812,1.3822,1.3658,1.3610,1.3702,1.3492,1.3634,1.3347,1.3309,1.3080,1.3188,1.2982,1.3026,1.2963,1.3359,1.3288,1.3119,1.2827,1.2974,1.2855,1.2399,1.2288,1.2526,1.2788,1.3161,1.3201,1.3224,1.2904,1.3179,1.3555,1.3706,1.3770,1.4343,1.4264,1.4388,1.4348,1.4441,1.3996,1.3648,1.3359,1.3220,1.3660,1.3897,1.3067,1.2894,1.2767,1.2208,1.2565,1.3405,1.3568,1.3685,1.4272,1.4613,1.4911,1.4816,1.4561,1.4268,1.4087,1.4016,1.3650,1.3190,1.3049,1.2784,1.3238,1.3449,1.2732,1.3322,1.4369,1.4975,1.5769,1.5552,1.5557,1.5750,1.5526,1.4748,1.4717,1.4570,1.4686,1.4227,1.3896,1.3622,1.3715,1.3418,1.3511,1.3516,1.3241,1.3074,1.2998,1.3212,1.2881,1.2611,1.2730                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 96.01,95.49,96.20,95.88,93.05,94.58,98.22,99.65,98.75,100.21,97.02,96.48,95.85,97.44,95.66,96.99,94.71,98.66,95.32,95.00,90.65,88.41,87.02,86.05,82.78,81.52,79.81,80.40,79.53,80.25,79.72,81.40,80.19,80.66,80.26,80.32,82.14,81.54,83.38,83.40,81.81,83.17,82.00,79.23,79.87,80.18,79.99,80.03,81.22,82.71,81.75,83.13,78.85,79.14,78.79,79.42,80.52,78.49,76.31,79.08,74.17,74.04,74.64,74.70,73.11,76.07,76.92,77.86,79.29,81.27,77.46,78.94,83.25,81.66,86.28,86.67,81.99,81.29,80.44,79.95,78.22,74.94,76.47,76.86,78.22,78.45,80.42,79.43,84.78,85.89,88.15,86.46,82.15,86.70,86.34,79.36,77.50,73.42,72.80,72.95,72.72,72.17,73.75,75.28,76.70,76.17,76.46,77.62,80.75,80.66,81.69,82.25,81.30,82.66,83.50,84.43,83.43,82.85,85.11,85.68

GBP/USD: Non Farm Trade

GBP/USD : Non Farm Trades

GBP/USD. Today’s bottom is located at 1.3211 and achieves this destination by breaks at 1.3257, 1.3244 and 1.3227. Only a break of Non Farm traditional 50,000 range would see bottom breaks. To guard against 50,000, next below 1.3211 is located at 1.3190 and 1.3162.
If bottom 1.3211 holds then long back to 1.3244 and 1.3257. If 1.3211 bottom breaks then long back to 1.3211 and target 1.3244 and 1.3257. Only a break of 1.3257 allows GBP/USD to go higher.
Most vital breaks topside are located at 1.3448 and 1.3464. To achieve this destination, 1.3368 must cross higher and Non Farm must fall outside 50,000. Target today is located at 1.3345. The point at 1.3345 is located between 1.3368 and 1.3314. Most vital is understanding of 1.3448 and 1.3464 as most vital because any rises are corrections until both points break higher.
To achieve 1.3345 then next 1.3298, 1.3294, 1.3301, 1.3314 then wide area 1.3314 to 1.3368. Short from 1.3345 back to 1.3311. From 1.3368 then short to target 1.3323. From 1.3314, short to target 1.3296. Overall above 1.3345 is out of range. Any price above, short.
Today’s range 1.3211 to 1.3345.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

AUD/USD and NZD/USD: Non Farm Trades



AUD/USD and NZD/USD: Non Farm Trades

Today only, NZD/USD to go higher must break 0.7298 to target 0.7320. The maximum target travels only to 0.7344. If 0.7298 breaks, price will achieve targets. Then reverse short.
Today’s NZD/USD bottom is located at 0.7247. A break of the bottom is a market gift long back above 0.7247. Bottoms break and target maximums achieve destinations only if Non Farm Payrolls travels outside its traditional 50,000 range. Within range in Non Farm then targets and ranges in exchange rates hold. The market price then becomes a trade able event in continuous longs and shorts.
NZD/USD Bottom break at 0.7247 then next comes 0.7232, 0.7217 and extreme at 0.7187.
NZD/USD range today 0.7247 to 0.7298. Any price above or below then its longs or shorts.

AUD/USD. to travel higher must cross 0.7597 to target 0.7597 and 0.7614. Then reverse short. From 0.7614, target becomes 0.7584. From 0.7597, target becomes 0.7574.
AUD/USD Bottom is located at 0.7516. Bottoms break only if Non Farm falls outside 50,000. Bottoms hold then long to 0.7535. A bottom break then next 0.7500 and 0.7484 at maximum extremes. Long back to above 0.7516 Range.
AUD/USD Range today. 0.7516 to 0.7597. Any price above or below then its longs or shorts.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,