Trade Results: September 12, 2016.

Trades from last evening. Submitted 9:00 pm EST. 5 Trades, only wanted 50 pip trades in each pair to start. Why? Because of the time I chose to trade these 5 pairs.

USD/CAD: Recommendation long 1.3025 to 1.3037, target 1.3075. Actual 1.3040, Target 1.3075 done + 35 pips. What a wimpy trade, took 5 hours.

GBP/NZD. Recommendation: Long 1.8120, Target 1.8160. Actual long point 1.8130, targets achieved. + 30 pips, took 2 hours. Another wimpy trade.

USD/CHF.  I don’t like this pair because of inside price problems. Was looking for 0.9715 break to long at lower 0.9677 to 0.9680’s. Target uptrend line 0.9725. Actual 0.9715 held, target achieved 0.9725.  Took 4 hours. Pure scratch trade and example why stay away from USD/CHF. It won’t perform.

USD/JPY. Recommendation long 101.90 to 101.78, Target 102.22. Actual entry was off by 37 pips as USD/JPY lifted from 101.41. Target 102.22 was actual 102.03, off 19 pips upside target and 37 pip entry. Personally, I don’t like nor ever really liked USD/JPY either. But its part of the daily trade rec;s to subscribers.

GBP/CAD. Another scratch trade. Was looking for entry lower at 1.7322 to 1.7330 to target 1.7390. GBP/CAD lifted from 1.7379 support. Reported supports at 1.7383, 1.7374 and 1.7352. See the liftoff at 1.7379.

Will post more trades, targets and results.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,