Trades: Levels, Ranges, Targets


USD/CAD. Sell from 1.3387 remains, target 1.3280’s to 1.3270’s. Short yesterday stopped at 1.3400. Stop was 25? pips. Currently running 77 pips profit.

Trades today

AUD/USD looking at sell 0.7659, most vital 0.7628, 0.7637, 0.7645 and 0.7647.  Shorts must get below 0.7630 and 0.7628. Not thrilled about this trade.

AUD/CHF. Overbought from 0.7400’s. Looking at sell 0.7625 if I can get it. Target at least 0.7595, and below 0.7685 then more profits to follow.

GBP/JPY. Sell points 127.92, 128.19 and 128.47. From 128.19 target 127.90 easily. Not alot of thrills here either.

GBP/USD. Must see at least 1.2279 to 1.2309 to sell. 1.2252 is a big line to crossi n order for GBP/USD to go higher. Hope I catch it.

EUR/CAD. Sell higher if seen below 1.4547 and 1.4567. may not see it.

All quick trades looking at today so far. More trades will post. Statements as well. Using 20 pip stops provided I can get perfect entries.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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