Monthly Trades Nov 2016

For November 22 trades were taken for so far 967 pips. The Monthly goal was 30 trades, 1500 pips but each trade had to profit at least 50 pips. I didn’t allow all trades to run to its conclusion but exited at the 50 pip profit point. Many trades ran far more than the 50 but its wasn’t the goal to maximize the trades to the last available pip. Something like 5 or 8 or 10 trades were hit by my 25 or so stop point. The 22 trades were perfect as Stops were placed from 10 to 25 pips from entry. I’ve been on trial with a group of guys so trades were done to obtain proper scoring. For the most part I made it but I didn’t account for position sizes properly and I wasn’t happy with the amount of stops hit because trades with stops hit were actually profitable trades that went to target as expected. I lost about 10 trades. My knowledge of prices, pips and price movements based on years upon years of research, perfection  and model development is not the same as others. The more I see then the more I understand the lack of understanding from market people. Its not for me to judge nor do I care because I’m taking my name out of further consideration. Here’s the trades for interested.  By the way, trades this time were done through Oanda and Oanda Transaction history is not currently working. Hope this comes out correctly.

As I write, I thought I could copy the trades into this post but cannot. I will post the full statement as the function becomes available. As always contact How much longer I continue to post is always questionable. I find the public bullshit just what it is, pure bull and I’m tired of wasting my days writing. Its the retail guys lost in space and that means the vast majority. be surprised how many hedge fund guys out there just as lost. Its quite astounding. But the vast majority have more exposure, more money to trade and more money to finance  their websites and operation than me. I’m nobody in the larger scheme and I’m not trying to be somebody.


Brian Twomey Inside the Currency Market,





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