AUD Pairs, Vital Levels: Nov 14

Vital and important levels are perfectly calculated moving average points that govern a currency pair price. Vital levels solidly support a price or act as solid resistance. Breaks at vital levels above or below trend anywhere from 100 to 200 pips but depends on the currency pair. EUR/JPY for example would easily travel 200 pips and it will travel quickly while AUD pairs reaches the destination but much more slowly. Vital levels are dynamic and move with prices. Why outline this scenario is to inform the perfect calculations and accuracy in vital levels. Never in writings will I post a chart. Not only do I not know how to post a chart but charts are deceptive because nothing is found. Charts are wrong, time frames are wrong, candles. The entire structure and orientation of charts are far off the mark to render valid trade decisions.

Correct in the AUD lineup is to see overbought in AUD/JPY and oversold in AUD/USD and AUD/CHF. The two outlier pairs are AUD/CAD and AUD/NZD because they hold revolving correlations to AUD/USD. Currently AUD/CAD price is well balanced, not oversold nor overbought while AUD/NZD is oversold and supported at current prices. Oversold AUD/NZD should inform its running with AUD/USD and reveals AUD pairs are pretty much running on all correlation cylinders.

AUD/USD. Two vital points, 0.7609 and 0.7611. AUD is currently oversold most especially 10, 20 and 50 day averages yet oversold is uniform throughout all averages. Bottom and extreme prices  in AUD are located from 0.7506 to 0.7501. To see 0.7609 and 0.7611 break then 0.7568 and 0.7577 must clear. Targets are uptrend lines at 0.7642 and 0.7655.

AUD/JPY. Supports are located at 79.42 and  78.19. Vital level above: 85.11. Currently AUD/JPY is overbought. Uptrend is valid as long as 79.02 and 79.95 holds. Extreme overbought occurs at 81.76 to 81.89. Good sell points located at 80.71 and 80.61. Overbought AUD/JPY and Oversold AUD/USD is correct.

AUD/CHF. Support 0.7442 V 0.7453 above. Currently oversold. Break at 0.7442 targets downtrend lines at 0.7409 and 0.7387. Above 0.7453 targets uptrend line at 0.7497. AUD/CHF will travel lock step with AUD/USD.

AUD/CAD. Supports 1.0082, 1.0002 and 0.9958. Current price is well balanced. Uptrend remains as 1.0098, 1.0201 and 1.0206 holds. Overbought begins at 1.0261. Sell points 1.0283 to 1.0346.

AUD/NZD. Supports 1.0581 and 1.0534. Averages 5 and 10 day are main price drivers. Above supports targets uptrend lines at 1.0616 and 1.0624. Targets on breaks becomes 1.0683 to 1.0705.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,



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