NZD Pairs, Vital Levels: Nov 14


As mentioned in previous posts, levels are perfectly calculated,  take the breaks as they occur and the trade will be just fine. Vital levels, downtrend and uptrend lines are breaks where price takes off quickly to establish itself within the trend. Prices in between downtrend and uptrend lines range until break times.


NZD/USD. Above vital levels: 0.7454, 0.7226, 0.7191 and 0.7164. Below 0.6625.

Downtrend lines 0.7161 and 0.7144. Uptrend lines 0.7239 and 0.7290.  Currently oversold 5 to 100 day averages, 10 day most oversold.  Oversold long points  0.7054 to 0.7064 to target 0.7144

NZD/JPY. Supports, 74.22, 73.88, 73.48. Further down 69.36. Above 75.06. Downtrend lines begin 74.52 and 73.52. Uptrend lines begin 74.92 and 75.60.

NZD/CAD. Supports, 0.9531 and 0.9495. Downtrend lines begin 0.9401 and 0.9396. Uptrend remains as long as 0.9589 and 0.9667 holds.

NZD/CHF. Vital points above 0.7276, 0.7065 and 0.7046. Uptrend begins at 0.7102 and 0.7115. Downtrend lines begin 0.7015, 0.6989 and 0.6958.


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