EUR/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets


Two most vital break points for EUR/USD all week: 1.0784 and 1.0549. The parity question and bottoms are located at 1.0472, 1.0432, 1.0429 and  1.0319. Actual parity upon 1.0319 break is 1.0127. The actual parity question is miles away and many many support points.

The main break points above are 1.0696 and 1.0784. Both points are dropping by the day. For my friend, 50 day average 1.0544 and 10 day 1.0535. If 1.0549 breaks lower then next targets 1.0511 then 1.0472.

Above. The rough patches are 1.0592 and 1.0599. Then the 1.0600’s rough spots from 1.0610 to 1.0648. Need break 1.0648 to go higher.


Brian Twomey