Trump, Political Challenges and Historic Perspective

Political thought since WW 1 falls into three categories: Communism, Fascism and Capitalism. Russia’s Communism and Fascism under Italy and Japan temporarily married Capitalism with the US, Britain and France by treaty to form as allies. The Entente as the allies were known fought Fascism under Germany and the Arabs under the Ottoman Empire. Later, Russia left and dominant ideological thought remains to present day.
The concept of Populism as an ideological thought is not only non existent as a term and definition but it was ascribed to Reagan and will continue attribution to Trump by the enemies of 100 year old Capitalism. Populism derives its name from the 1900’s Progressive, anti Capitalist movement as the evolution was popular yet thought only as temporary.
Enemies of Capitalism are Communism and Fascism and each shared a 100 year rise since the 1860’s industrial revolution under Karl Marx yet it strengthened every 10 years under Democratic Party Presidential Administrations starting with foundations under Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. Both laid the foundations for further Democratic Party Administrations to build coalitions through policy from government for the purpose to grow government. As government grew in the name of social policies, capitalism was absorbed into government’s orbit and later created terms such as big government liberalism V small government conservatism. The terms are a complete rewrite of historical facts.
George Orwell informed in 1984 when Winston was a prisoner in the Ministry of Love ” who controls the past, controls the future and who controls the present, controls the past. ” Classic Liberal beliefs under Republicans are free market, small government Capitalists while the big government Democratic movement are the unyielding Conservatives. Trump and Republicans would fall into minority status as forced acceptance of government won the day.
The dividing line of small government and private sector growth under Capitalist practices would soon leave in favor of bigger government as solutions to every social and business problem in every succeeding generation. The result in the modern day was not only government as a failure but the oxymoron is government became the most successful organization the world has ever seen as government imposed its tax policy will against Capitalist practices.
Trump understands this modern day disaster as a business person and its why Trump’s mission is to rightsize the lopsided destruction caused by government. Trump is a pure pragmatist but subordinated to his own guiding principles and its why he fails under Liberal / Conservative thought lines that contained former Republican presidential successes. As a pragmatist and not beholden to preconceived liberal / conservative thought then allows Trump to freely achieve his policy mission in a ” do whatever it takes mentality”. Do whatever it takes is Trump’s greatest strength, least understood and even feared because its not defined nor was ever seen by a modern day president since Franklin Roosevelt.
Franklin Roosevelt was the last president to invent, craft, create and even take a sledgehammer to traditional Capitalist policy. Roosevelt made it up as he went along and he was a colossal failure for Capitalism but all policy was done for the purpose to grow government and in this regard, he was a success. Trump is Roosevelt’s complete ideological opposite as he comes from pure Capitalism to cut government’s power, size, control, reach and taxing power.
Trump’s “do whatever it takes” requires not an invention but a sledghammer to current policy and it allows Trump to work within the confines of the political system to bring Capitalism back to the masses and private sector.
The power of Trump is found in the landslide votes received in states and counties and its where he will find his success as he cuts government, allows the masses to prosper and maintain presence in the White House to 2024. The lines are drawn and confrontations will be seen from Trump and voters Vs 100 year entrenched communist thought and interests inside government as well as the private organizations established to support the government movement.
Trump signalled this confrontation long ago as he called his voters and continues to speak directly to his voters as a movement. When Income taxes passed under Wilson in 1913 and the 1935 Wagner Act passed under Roosevelt to allow unions, the 100 year government movement began its decade after decade march. Trump has every ability to not only cut the movement down to size, change its direction but possibly destroy it . Trump would classify then as the only President beside Reagan to ever seriously and directly challenge the small elite yet well financed government movement.
Trump’s immediate confrontations and opposition to hear and understand his capitalist policy message is derived from the news media as the media surrendered to powers of the government movement dating to at least the 1970’s. The news media’s job as the first line of defense for the Democratic Party is define Trump, his policies and place both inside a box to take down Trump and policy.
Trump’s job and press briefing mission is speak directly to the masses to identify false reporting, hit hard and marginalize reporters and organization who refuse to conform to the forgotten practices of Journalism. The fight is in the correct message as Alinsky meets Alinsky in Rules for Radicals number 13 to freeze the target, personalize and polarize.
The unknown in Trump’s capitalist movement is the type of private/ Democratic Party financed organizations now forming to directly challenge Trump and his message.
Organizations and protests under Reagan included Unions, Peace, Hollywood, Civil and Gay rights. The news media assisted in story after story in mind control how Reagan would create war, workers would lose jobs, Americans would lose Government benefits and persons of color would lose civil rights. Protests then were limited to specific cities while today a sophistication was brought by the multi city mass protest and specific to an issue such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and the Women’s March.
The anti economic Trump message will surely arrive and hit hard as the Democratic Party is not only masters of movement creation but with news media assistance, masters of the message.
Trump’s first priority must be cut taxes to allow voters and masses to retain money but also to bring economic success, long lost over the past eight years. Once voters and masses are strengthened, speed to further policy successes will gain momentum and opposition will diminish, never disappear only subside because preconceived ideological thought never disappears.
Trump’s presidency represents more than the 100 year Capitalist / Communist divide on a collision course since ideological counterparts Theresa May rose to power in the UK. Further ideological counterparts face voters this spring in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Obummer worked hard around the world to assist Labor elections and strengthen Labor Parties. For the first time in 100 years, the free ride in the Communist/ Government movement faces serious challenges and may again see capitalism in ascendancy.

GBP/USD: Levels, Ranges, Targets

Today’s GBP/USD range and break points are located from 1.2668 to 1.2577. UK GDP saw a 5 pip violation to 1.2673 and its the interval from next points from 1.2668 to 1.2682. The violation is a possible warning to higher GBP later although range breaks are far far away and the sell off was the result of GBP at top of its daily trading range.
The 1.2668 to 1.2577 intervals are trading ranges without significance. Range breaks above are found at 1.2802 and below at 1.2495 and 1.2422. Overall immediate 307 pip ranges 1.2802 and 1.2495 and its why we see GBP at its 1.2600’s mid points as well as the traditional BOE middle range locations.
The BOE by far are the absolute masters in terms of monitor, manage, control and regulation of their currency pairs. The opposite is the ECB and EUR and its why EUR is a far better, wider movement and more profitable currency pair to trade. The ECB compared to the BOE is fast asleep to the point of comatose in terms of their currency pair manage, monitor and regulation. The BOE is lazer beamed focused on 1.2802 and will adjust accordingly while the ECB lacks focus to EUR levels. Why BOE night and day difference from ECB is UK money markets are far more sophisticated than any central bank on the planet.
Above 1.2668 and days ahead, 1.2709 and 1.2711 is the upper target provided GBP cuts through 1.2677, 1.2682 and 1.2692. I wouldn’t push it to higher GBP yet because USD provides massive headwinds at 1.2709, 1.2722, 1.2725 then 1.2771.
Today’s bottoms are located at 1.2584 but 1.2613 to 1.2618 and 1.2607 provide massive supports. Only on a a break at 1.2577 would GBP then target 1.2565 and 1.2534.

Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,