Trump, Federalist Papers and Currency Pair Break Points.

American Government laws and policies were carefully designed by the founders to never pass. This explains why the majority of Government power was not only formed as a Republic established as a Representative Democracy but the majority of power was given to Congress, Senate and House. The idea was multitudes of various state interests would collide and Congress persons would never agree. American presidents lack any powers and designed to counteract the concept of King but also to ensure powers would remain diversified. Madison explains this Separation of Powers issue in Federalist Paper number 47.
Madison further explains the Why concepts in Federalist Paper number 51, “Ambition must be meant to counteract Ambition”. The how to counteract Ambitions is outlined extensively in Federalist Paper 10 and addresses the concepts of Factions.

Factions Madison believed are found in groups and formed to collude against the larger public interests for the sake of their own interests. If Men were Angels as Madison stated in number 51, government would find no need to form and its why government was designed to become extremely small under limited powers and further why policy and laws were never meant to pass.

Poor Madison was usurped by the Democrats starting with government building architects Wilson and Roosevelt.
Why Trump and Why America’s Bummer is explained by divided government and Madison’s Separation of Powers. From 1940’s to middle 1990’s, Congress was controlled by Democrats and 4 presidents. No damage was done to Madison’s concepts and memory until Lyndon Johnson because Democrats owned the Senate by clear majorities. Law passage was easy.

Then Republicans gained control of the money by a first ever control of the House and 6 presidencies yet never owned the Senate.
America’s Bummer was elected in 2008 with clear majorities in the Senate but not the House and its why O Bummer lived by the executive order as policy. In 8 years of Wedge issues to divide America, the pendulum swung back as it always does in American politics to now see Trump as President but also Trump owns the House and Senate. Reagan is the only model to gauge Trump but not even Reagan owned the House and Senate. To monitor Trump, must follow the ideology. Because Trump owns the House and Senate, we may have to view Johnson as the model to determine if we have a true capitalist as is presented or just another government dictator to stomp on poor Madison.

Currency Pairs and Break points.

EUR/USD. 1.0744 and 1.0707.
EUR/JPY. 120.44 and 119.34 supports.
USD/JPY. 112.19. Dangerously close to trend change.
NZD/USD. .7194 and 0.7162. Currently far overbought.
AUD/USD. 0.7476 and 0.7499.
GBP/USD. 1.2549 and 1.2376.
GBP/JPY. 140.70.
EUR/GBP. 0.8650 V 0.8562.
EUR/AUD. 1.4322 and 1.4324 V 1.4143.
AUD/EUR. Supports. 0.6981 and 0.6982.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,