AUD/USD and Cross Pairs: Vital Break Points

Following is 5 AUD pairs. Take the breaks as highlighted and trades will be fine. AUD/USD moves with AUD/CHF and sometimes AUD/CAD and AUD/NZD. Most important is AUD/USD and AUD/EUR is way overbought. AUD/CHF is way overbought. AUD/NZD is in stratospheric overbought. The big AUD shorts are upon us.

AUD/USD. Close 0.7665. Supports 0.7551 and 0.7479. Overbought, longs must hold 0.7599 and 0.7581. Below then challenges 0.7551. Below 0.7551 targets 0.7502.

AUD/JPY. Close 86.81. Supports are strong and many. Begins at 86.72, 85.46, 84.26, 83.97. Above 88.91. AUD/JPY moves opposite AUD/USD.

AUD/CHF. Close 0.7695. Supports 0.7538 and 0.7521. Overbought. Good short, responds well, trades same movements as AUD/USD. Great currency pair. Uptrend lines must hold 0.7582 and 0.7569. Below 0.7569 challenges 0.7538 and 0.7521.

AUD/CAD. Close 1.0044. Supports 0.9957, 0.9948 and 0.9930. Not a great mover currency pairs, not now nor in past historic years.

AUD/NZD. Close 1.0665. Supports 1.0500 and 1.0494. Severely and Stratospheric overbought. Dangerous to see a currency pair in this overbought predicament. Short targets 1.0557 and 1.0508.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

GBP/USD and Cross Pairs: Vital Break Points

Following is 6 GBP currency pairs highlighted by most significant levels. Take the breaks as they occur and trades will be just fine.

GBP/USD. !.2404 below V 1.2545. Uptrend line begins at 1.2654, currently oversold.

GBP/JPY. Close 141.37. Strong supports at 139.95 and 139.34. Break below 141.23 challenges 129.95. Uptrend line begins at 143.37 yet 141.23 must also hold.

GBP/CHF. Close 1.2506. Vital break points 1.2475 and 1.2521. Uptrend line begins at 1.2583 and 1.2629. Downtrend line begins at 1.2458 and 1.2321.

GBP/CAD. Close 1.6348. Vital break points above 1.6513 and 1.6527. Uptrend line 1.6676. Points 1.6388 and 1.6495 challenges 1.6513.

GBP/NZD. Close 1.7342. Vital breaks above 1.7417 and 1.7435. Uptrend line begins at 1.7619 and 1.7625. Downtrend line begins at 1.7246 and 1.7215.

GBP/AUD. Close. 1.6265. Vital break points 1.6588 and 1.6615. Watch 1.6348, 1.6386 and 1.6440 to challenge 1.6588. Uptrend Line 1.6792 and 1.6828. Wide wide ranging pair, great pair, makes money daily but watch wide movements.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,

EUR/USD and EUR Crosses: Vital Break Points

Following is 8 currency pairs. Take the break points listed and the trades will be just fine and profitable.


EUR/USD: 1.0682 and 1.0747 vital breaks to go higher. Watch 1.0667 to challenge 1.0682. Below 1.0667 then 1.0576 and 1.0552 is easily achievable.

EUR/JPY.  Correlates to USD/JPY +90% means EUR/JPY will move in tandem with USD/JPY. A big move is coming for EUR/JPY and currently oversold. Supports below 119.91 and 119.87. Uptrend line begins at 121.03 and 122.01. Downtrend line 118.72 and 117.81. Provided 119.91 and 119.87 hold then EUR/JPY potential higher is miles higher.

EUR/CHF. Close 1.0669. Must breaks to go higher, 1.0727 and 1.0741. Watch 1,0686 and 1.0708 breaks to challenge 1.0727 and 1.0741. Uptrend line begins at 1.0769 and 1.0775.

EUR/CAD. Close 1.3921. Above breaks are many starting at 1.4027, 1.4158, 1.4221 and 1.4341. Higher for EUR/CAD will be extremely rough.

EUR/NZD. Close 1.4792. Vital breaks to go higher, 1.4937 and 1.4997. Uptrend line begins at 1.5085 and 1.5116.  Watch 1.4878 break above to challenge 1.4937. EUR/NZD is a most vital pair to NZD/USD, most most important pair.

EUR/AUD. Close 1.3875. Vital break points 1.4154, 1.4234 and 1.4282. Above 1.4096 challenges 1.4154.  Uptrend line begins at 1.4372 and 1.4382. Currently oversold and AUD/EUR is currently overbought. EUR/AUD is most most important to AUD/USD. Same principle as EUR/NZD is to NZD/USD.

AUD/EUR vital break points are strong supports at 0.7025, 0.7065, 0.7001 and 0.7108. Close 0.7207. Currently AUD/EUR is way far overbought. Looking for lower AUD/EUR to short AUD/USD. Lower AUD/EUR means EUR/AUD must go higher.

EUR/GBP. Close 0.8518. Break points to go higher 0.8569 and 0.8613. Watch uptrend line at 0.8588 to challenge 0.8613. Downtrend line begins at 0.8494. A big giant move is in the works for EUR/GBP. It has been a seriously deviated currency pair. I suspect much hiher.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,