EUR/USD and EUR Crosses: Vital Break Points

Following is 8 currency pairs. Take the break points listed and the trades will be just fine and profitable.


EUR/USD: 1.0682 and 1.0747 vital breaks to go higher. Watch 1.0667 to challenge 1.0682. Below 1.0667 then 1.0576 and 1.0552 is easily achievable.

EUR/JPY.  Correlates to USD/JPY +90% means EUR/JPY will move in tandem with USD/JPY. A big move is coming for EUR/JPY and currently oversold. Supports below 119.91 and 119.87. Uptrend line begins at 121.03 and 122.01. Downtrend line 118.72 and 117.81. Provided 119.91 and 119.87 hold then EUR/JPY potential higher is miles higher.

EUR/CHF. Close 1.0669. Must breaks to go higher, 1.0727 and 1.0741. Watch 1,0686 and 1.0708 breaks to challenge 1.0727 and 1.0741. Uptrend line begins at 1.0769 and 1.0775.

EUR/CAD. Close 1.3921. Above breaks are many starting at 1.4027, 1.4158, 1.4221 and 1.4341. Higher for EUR/CAD will be extremely rough.

EUR/NZD. Close 1.4792. Vital breaks to go higher, 1.4937 and 1.4997. Uptrend line begins at 1.5085 and 1.5116.  Watch 1.4878 break above to challenge 1.4937. EUR/NZD is a most vital pair to NZD/USD, most most important pair.

EUR/AUD. Close 1.3875. Vital break points 1.4154, 1.4234 and 1.4282. Above 1.4096 challenges 1.4154.  Uptrend line begins at 1.4372 and 1.4382. Currently oversold and AUD/EUR is currently overbought. EUR/AUD is most most important to AUD/USD. Same principle as EUR/NZD is to NZD/USD.

AUD/EUR vital break points are strong supports at 0.7025, 0.7065, 0.7001 and 0.7108. Close 0.7207. Currently AUD/EUR is way far overbought. Looking for lower AUD/EUR to short AUD/USD. Lower AUD/EUR means EUR/AUD must go higher.

EUR/GBP. Close 0.8518. Break points to go higher 0.8569 and 0.8613. Watch uptrend line at 0.8588 to challenge 0.8613. Downtrend line begins at 0.8494. A big giant move is in the works for EUR/GBP. It has been a seriously deviated currency pair. I suspect much hiher.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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