GBP/USD and Cross Pairs: Vital Break Points

Following is 6 GBP currency pairs highlighted by most significant levels. Take the breaks as they occur and trades will be just fine.

GBP/USD. !.2404 below V 1.2545. Uptrend line begins at 1.2654, currently oversold.

GBP/JPY. Close 141.37. Strong supports at 139.95 and 139.34. Break below 141.23 challenges 129.95. Uptrend line begins at 143.37 yet 141.23 must also hold.

GBP/CHF. Close 1.2506. Vital break points 1.2475 and 1.2521. Uptrend line begins at 1.2583 and 1.2629. Downtrend line begins at 1.2458 and 1.2321.

GBP/CAD. Close 1.6348. Vital break points above 1.6513 and 1.6527. Uptrend line 1.6676. Points 1.6388 and 1.6495 challenges 1.6513.

GBP/NZD. Close 1.7342. Vital breaks above 1.7417 and 1.7435. Uptrend line begins at 1.7619 and 1.7625. Downtrend line begins at 1.7246 and 1.7215.

GBP/AUD. Close. 1.6265. Vital break points 1.6588 and 1.6615. Watch 1.6348, 1.6386 and 1.6440 to challenge 1.6588. Uptrend Line 1.6792 and 1.6828. Wide wide ranging pair, great pair, makes money daily but watch wide movements.


Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market,


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