Friday Morning Trades: Trade Service

Here’s 8 currency pairs for Friday Feb 10 morning. Trades are sent about 4:00 to 4:30 am EST. Trades are valid until 10 am EST. Most times, no need ever exists to remain that long in any trade because profits are earned and trades done in quick time.  Then new trades in same pairs are sent about 10:00 pm EST to cover Asia and part of Europe trading. Stops are never issued nor ever needed. I’m open to issue other pairs or if any has a favored pair then that’s fine too. My supply of currency pairs is 476 pairs.

Top targets are sell zones while bottoms are buy points. I send the vital points to trade to see prices move in real time. Maybe watch a few days of trades to get the feel and comfort levels to trade. Once you have it down, you will never ever lose in any trades. Why?. Because trades come directly from central banks interest rates. Central banks give us trades every trading day but not holiday’s. So its almost impossible to lose. Worst case scenario is I slightly miss an upper target by a few pips or miss a bottom by a few pips. No big deal as a sell higher or buy lower earns more pips.


The charge is $300 per month. This charge should work out to 1 or 2 trading days for me and 18 trading days of profits for you. I only take on a few people but those that are here trading everyday have been with me for the past 9 months when I started this service. No pressure, give it time and thought.



Long Short Line 0.7642

Most important 0.7543 and 0.7477

Bottom. 0.7603 achieves by 0.7622 and 0.7612

Upper target 0.7669, Caution overbought

Major points below 0.7590



Long Short Line 113.76

Most important 111.73 and 112.33

Bottom. 113.19 achieves by 113.47 and 113.33

Upper target 114.28

Trend up


Long Short Line 0.7189

Most important 0.7197, 0.7195 and 0.7121

Bottom. 0.7152 achieves by 0.7171 and 0.7160

Upper target 0.7217, Watch 0.7197

Trend down


Long Short Line 1.0653

Most important 1.0682 and 1.0746

Bottom. 1.0598 achieves by 1.0626 and 1.0611

Upper target 1.0705, Watch 1.0682

Trend down



Long Short Line 121.19

Most important 119.92 and 119.98

Bottom. 120.58 achieves by 120.89 and 120.73

Upper target 121.61

Trend down


Long Short Line 1.2501

Most important 1.2402 and 1.2539

Bottom. 1.2438 achieves by 1.2469 and 1.2453

Upper target 1.2560, Watch important 1.2539

Trend down



Long Short Line 142.21

Most important 139.32 and 140.01

Bottom. 120.58 achieves by 120.89 and 120.73

Upper target 142.82

trend up


  Long Short Line 0.7173
 Most important 0.7108, 0.7021 and 0.6999
 Bottom. 0.7137 achieves by 0.7155 and 0.7146
 Upper target 0.7211, Caution Overbought here
 Overnight range 0.7164 to 0.7187
   Brian Twomey, Inside the Currency Market, Contact:

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